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Custom insoles help in race boots ???

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Okay , I removed my custom insole from my previous boots and but them in the Nordica 150 and i hated them. I could not move my toes, flex , or feel my feet . Later I removed them and just used the stock liner and they were great . I could ski much much more in control . I thought this was the opposite of what an insole does althought the 150 is a very narrow boot .
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Makes me wonder about your customs, including their trimming. Have you tried them in the liner out of the shell? I don't think I could ski my 150s without my customs.
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You aren't the first person I have heard about your situation. I know a guy who raced at the FIS level who used the stock footbeds in his Dobie 150s. I couldn't use my Superfeet Korks in my Dobie WC 100s because they took up too much space even with the extra grinding.

Anyways if you are going to go the custom route again, it's important that you find a footbed that will fit inside the boot. Some footbeds, no matter how much grinding is done, may not work. The good thing is that there are lots of options that you can choose from. A good bootfitter is a start.

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Thanks guys. I am going to look for an insole that is not so thick . BTW , this one was shaved down some but its still too tight inside those 150s . Those boots are awesome without the insoles though .
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The boot pros all say not everyone needs a custom insole. Yours seem to not be optimized for your feet. Take them back where you got them made and tell them the problem, I assume you paid good money so get what you paid for or at least some credit towards another purchase. (Happened to me).
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I coulded use my superfeet corks in my Hot Rods, not enough room. I now use the semicustom insoles from hotronics. They work fairly well.
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In addition to the possibility that your current custom footbeds are too bulky for those boots, there is also the possibility that if the footbeds are rigid, they're locking your feet into position and not allowing foot movement inside the boot, which is essential.

Here's a somewhat technical article that describes what needs to take place inside the boots and why semi-rigid footbeds work so well--
"Pronation is an important foot function and should be not eliminated, but controlled. Such early, unsuccessful experiments with [rigid] full arch support tended to discredit the general strategy. Now, the full arch support strategy has been revived using modern thermoplastic support materials. This allows for creation of custom supports with the proper blend of rigidity for control and flexibility for limited pronatory function and comfort."
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You really can't always just move your footbed from one boot to another.

i ws skiing on surefoot''s beds in my Lange 120 Wc & Salomon X2's but when I went to the Head RD 96 they felt terrible.

I switched to the non-posted Sidas Conformable' Custom Pro which have worked perfectly and did work after a little bit of trimming in my new Raptor 150's. I have very rigid feet and really don't need a rigid posted footbed.

The Confromable' Custom Pro allows some controlled movement in the boot with out the rigidity and posting of a conventional bed. It does have a carbon fiber like material on the bottom of the heel area to stabilize your heel and is also very thin in the forefoot.

Mine were vacuum molded

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I just got a pair of the Aggressor 150's and the fit is so tight around the house I don't know if I can get a custom foot bed into it. It would have to be as thin as the stock foot bed to work. Anybody else have this experience?
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I'm in a similar situation as you, Hippie. I have a pair of new 06 Dobie WC 150 that I still haven't used. I have an idea of what modificatios that I will need to do, so i can ski in them. Before I start cutting, grinding, and punching the shell, I'm going to get my footbed situation figured out first.

Most likely I am going to use custom insoles that are made to fit into ice skates or something just a smidgen thicker. Superfeet, Conformable, and Ped-Tek are a few brands that I know of that make this type of insole. I'm sure that there are other brand options.

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