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How green is the mountain?

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Western ski resorts are graded for their environmental policies and practices:

Top ten:

Bottom ten:

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Moonlight Basin isn't in their survey. I'm not saying it's the greenest (or brownest---whatever is the opposite of "green"), but environmental impact & interface is a big commitment of the resort company. As a new from-the-ground-up resort, they claim to have planned it from the beginning with such considerations. They actually took a bunch of total clear-cut and restored several wildlife corridors and restored some watersheds. And other stuff.....

But, hey, maybe someone who knows more than me has seen the execs drinking carbonated mercury out of disposable lead goblets and then pissing in the cutthroat streams.
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JH is one of the greenest Ski areas in the industry. They use 100% windpower and have achieved a ISO 14001 rating. I believe they are one of two in the USA to do this.
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