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Mt. Snow

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Hi all;
Has anyone been to Mt. Snow in the last few days? I'm thinking of ponying up the $63 each for the wife and me on Thurs or Fri, just don't want to waste hard-earned money on lousy skiing.

It'll be my first time out this season. Just looking for excersise and a day off, but don't want to spend the day sliding around on ice or boiler plate.

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I was there on Sunday (Dec. 2nd). They had just opened a second trail on the North Face with big snow-making whales and super-soft man-made snow. That got bumped-up and fast; they've probably groomed it out by now, but it sure wasn't icy.

There was another trail they opened on Sunday (blue cruiser) that also had the snow guns blasting on it all day.

I spent most of my time on those two trails, so with all the fresh snow-gun snow, I sure didn't hit any ice. I skied a couple groomers in the morning which were in pretty good shape as well; they had gotten pretty scraped down in the late afternoon though.

Note that southern Vermont just got helped my Mother Nature to the tune of 6" or so. Conditions up there should be awesome right now.
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Mount Snow got dumped on in the storm: 14 inches in 48 hours. They have been openning trails by the dozen. I also skiied there Sunday (before the storm hit) and conditions were surprisingly good for completely manmade snow. Note that they continue to make snow even with the recent natural snow.Thurs/Fri this week is sure to be sweet. Have fun.
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