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Line Prophet 90 vs. Volkl Mantra

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Any advice? I'm in the market for a new pair this week. I ski Oregon Cascades Mt. Hood primarily, and some Mt. Bachelor when I'm in the area. When we get a decent dump, you'll find me in the trees, bowls, and canyons, so yeah I spend a majority of my time in the soft snow when the weather permits, but you'll find me blasting the chords when it doesn't. I ski pretty aggressively, but I'm only 5'9" 185. This will be a quiver of one for me this season, although I may pick up something with a smaller waist for spring.

Which is my ski in your opinion? '08 Prophet 90 or Mantra and which length? Keep in mind the $200 more clams for the Volkls.
The poster with the best answer gets a smiley face emoticon from me. haha
Thanks guys.
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I own Mantras and have skied Prophet 90's, as well as a competitor (Mojo 90's).

IMO, Mantras are really different from the 90's, more than you'd think from 6 mm. Despite the slightly raised tail, they aren't a twin, and they are burlier than the other two, much better in crud and heavy snow, a bit more float at the same length, wonderfully easy tail to break loose in tight places (superb tree ski). OTOH, I'd give the edge on groomed or bumps to the Prophets, quicker edge to edge and a nice soft flex pattern for bumps, decent bite on ice unless you're really speeding. (They're a great eastern pow ski.) The Mojos for comparison fall somewhere in between, not quite as good at lower speeds and hardpack as the Prophet (but nearly even in bumps), stiffer than the Prophet but not quite as good in crud and pow as the Mantra. But that also means they're better than either as a do-it-all stick. (They'd make a great western ski on days when it isn't dumping.)

For what you describe, and where. (Especially where) I'd go with the Mantra, stay a touch short to cover your groomed action. The Prophet 90 is a really nice ski, but to me a little soft for the NW and an aggressive skier. Now if you were to buy a Prophet 100, I might change that order.
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I also own Mantras and have skied the P-90. But my take is somewhat different on the P-90 because when I tested it, it was set up on Line's midsole mark which IMO is at least 2-3 cm too far forward. Eventually, I figured out the binding location but my overall impression of the P-90 is a bit tainted and probably not fair.

My take on the Mantra is that it is a bit stiff for soft snow use for my tastes. It is a grippy ski for it's width however and is great at zooming groomers. If I absolutely had to choose one of those two skis for what you describe at the areas you frequent, I'd reluctantly choose the Mantra. If I really had an open book within this width range, I'd choose the Volkl Bridge or the Dynastar Mythic Rider. I like these two equally well although I don't have any need for a twip so I chose the Mythic as my own 'tweener' ski. The Mythic is on the firm side of medium and has a moderate sidecut. Those characteristics fit my preferences for Tahoe or PNW snow conditions. I own a Gotama for when the snow is deep and I always have a ripper for when it hasn't snowed lately. I thought the Mantra would be a nice fit for in between, but it turns out that I personally like the Mythic better. Probably because it is a little easier in most snow conditions.

Keep in mind though, some folks have much better impressions of the P-90 than I do, and I haven't skied the Mojo 90.
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Good stuff SierraJim! I also have a huge problem with skis that are too center mounted, since my park days are behind me, and I hate when my tail gets caught up. Other than this being a problem what were your impressions of the P-90s? Would mounting them a few cms back negatively effect the skis performance?
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Thanks for the insight Beyond. Honestly, I'm open to anything with similar to the Mantra and Prophet 90s, those were just my finalists at this point. I'm simply looking for that great tweener ski for the type of skiing I described above. I'd be open to the Prophet 100s as well. I guess I'd labled them as something too fat for everyday uses. What are your thoughts on those, or maybe reccomend another ski in this category? I really appreciate the help.
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perhaps you'd consider some "Narrow A$$ Snowboards"?

The Lib Tech Mt. Bakers are 99mm in the waist and are stiff and floaty. They're supposed to grip ice and hardpack like a mofo, too.

I have a pair waiting to see some action.

And while I can't give you a first-hand impression, everything I've heard rumbling in the wind has been positive both in terms of off and on piste performance.

Supposedly all of the Mt. Baker pro patrollers are riding these this season.

Something to look into...

Also, if you're interested in something else in the 90-100mm range consider the AK King Salmon.

180cm. 94mm waist. Can be had for a song (AK USA has them on clearance). I replaced my Mantras with these and couldn't be happier.

So, just to add to your decision making I'm throwing the following suggestions into the mix:

Lib Tech NAS Mt. Baker (188cm, 99mm)
AK King Salmon (180cm, 94mm)
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I started moving the demo bindings back one cm at a time and the P-90 started to feel better when it was -2 and it felt pretty good by -3cm. By then, I had given it a half day and they booted me off the hill. I'd have to say that I still didn't care as much for the P-90 when compared to other skis in that width range but again, my impression is possibly tainted. I have a 180 King Salmon in the store and it is similar to the Mythic in that it is fairly straight (gets points from me for that) and medium flex (more points). Subjectively, the KS feels a little softer than the Mythic but my guess is that it would ski fairly similarly.

I skied a Lib Tech NAS when they first came out and was not impressed but I know they have changed since then. I have no experience with the newer versions.

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I ski the Prophet 90 and really like it. I mounted it 2 cm back from the midsole mark. It is one of my favorite all mountain twins on the market right now (and I have had the privilege of skiing quite a few). My previous favorite do it all twin was the K2 PE. I found the Prophet to be a little stiffer and it feels slightly quicker edge to edge on harder stuff. It is also super stable at speeds. That surprised me because it is 5mm bigger under-foot. As far as float goes, I can't comment because I haven't skied it in more than 6 inches yet. You should give it another shot SJ. I think your perspective would change if it weren't mounted for the park.
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