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Anyone Ski on December 25th?

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had a great day @ alta.
Christmas eve & day.
no new snow but beautiful skies & smiles.
staying in the inversion will wreck your mood & lungs anyway.
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Skied The Morning with Ryan on Christmas eve.Christmas Day was spent skiing with my wife and Friends.It was a great day for skiing a lot of the locals come out on Christmas day.I even saw some of the hard core back country skiers skiing in bounds.Chrismas day is for social skiing,hanging out with Family and Friends.I had a great day.Hope everyone had a good Christmas and that all the Bears have a fantastic 2002.
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Anyone Ski on December 25th?

I went up for about 5 hours today. I've never seen so many first-timers in my life. I think I'll take the week between Christmas and New Years off.
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I skied Mt Ashland in Ashland Oregon. A good crowd at the base area but well spread out over the mountain. Foggy, but everyone was in great spirits. Lots of new equipment on the mountain being tried out.
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I worked Christmas.

Put the Santa hat over the beanie and skied with my clients, Mr & Mrs from Hertfordshire U.K. and their two young teenagers. Had a ball, Mrs H conquered two black diamonds and I gave her a black diamond badge for Christmas. Mr. very happy about that. Snow excellent, weather fine and sunny and not too cold, scenery breathtaking. We took special Christmas photos by the Christmas run sign and generally had a real “peace on earth and goodwill to mankind” Christmas day.

Is this a job I have or just destiny ????

Oz :
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Skied at Alpental, WA. Very small crowd. Not much new snow, but great snow for carving. Tried to hang with my son who was visiting. The off season program is not good enough, and sitting during the week is a killer! Too be 21 again.....
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Yes, I skied Sun Valley on Christmas Day. The snow was wonderful (as much as I have ever seen there this early in the year) and it was a bright sunny day.

One thing that bothers me a little, though, is that lift tickets are now $63 a day and it seems like the clientele is getting accordingly snottier.

I'll probably keep to the smaller areas for the rest of the year where prices, people and the overall experience are more like I remember from the 60's and 70's.
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