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I'm looking for some input on these if anyone happened to have skied both. I've spent countless hours searching the forums here, and elsewhere, and I've got some excellent information, but I'm wondering if anybody has actually skied them both and could compare.

I plan to use these for new snow days at the resort and for side-country tours on a DIY alpine touring rig. (I have tele gear for longer days walking.) I am also considering the movement gladiators but thought they may be too much ski for touring days. And I am considering the elan 888, though the big tip/sidecut has sort of dissuaded me.

I'm 5'8" and about 165lbs. Probably more finesse than power- I don't think I need something "burly" like a legend pro. Medium radius/medium speed. Lots of trees here. Definitely old school- I'd rather carve than slide/skid/smear. Prefer something near 90mm underfoot.

For reference- I love (no, LOVE) my volkl ax4's (=g4's.) I tried mantras (the first years- the black ones) and did not like them AT ALL (too soft and lifeless, I thought.) Hated the K2 ak axis (launcher.) Liked the old xxx's... when they were new... but I won't buy foam again.

Anyway, just in case somebody has skied both. Thanks.