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Ski Pants/Bibs

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I am looking for a pair of ski pants or bibs for under $100. I have been using my Carhartt bibs and while they keep me very warm, they are not the best at keeping out moisture. Any recommendations?
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sierratradingpost.com probably has some. You could also keep an eye on steepandcheap.com for some good deals.
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Steep and cheap has some sessions pants for really cheap. most are under $80, and they are great pants. http://sac.gearattack.com/search?q=s...&commit=Search
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Thanks for the replies so far. If I were to say that money isn't an issue (although it is) what would be in your opinions, the best ski pants/bibs out there?>
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AND...what are the benefits/drawbacks of pants and the benefits/drawbacks of bibs?
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REI has some for $169: http://www.rei.com/product/754195, with no cost shipping. Although I've seen some for half that price in their stores, but not big brand name.
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Bibs or at least pants with suspenders on them obviously dont fall down. Saves you having to stop and hitch them up all of the time. Also stops them slipping down and exposing flesh or less waterproof layers to the snow/elements. When you are skiing you are obviously doing repeated squats so pants have a tendency to slip down a bit. Some brands now have attachments on their jackets and pants so you can button/zip them together internally to achieve the same thing. (as long as you buy the same brand pants and jackets).

Look for 2 ratings on your clothes:

1. the waterproofness rating, 5K is a minimum rating for lighter pants with 20K+ being the highly waterproof version.

2. The breathability score to let the sweat out. This uses the same index so 5K little, 20K lots. You wants pants (or a jacket) that scores high in both. Low breathability and you'll get drenched in your own sweat......yuck!!!!

Steep and cheap and their sister site whiskeymilitia (www.whiskeymilitia.com) have some good deals on pants, even sell some arc teryx pants from time to time but you have to be on at the right time and you have to be quick. Sierra Trading Post have good stuff and if you watch them for a week or 2 they normally have these 20% off sales. Worth waiting a week or so for 20% off. They have great sales at the end of the season but once again everyone is onto it and you have to be quick. Backcountry outlet has some good deals (they are the same people that do Steep and Cheap so if you miss out on S&C you can sometimes still get it on Backcountry). There is a guy somewhere on the boards here offering a 15% discount at Backcountry for Barking Bears. Have a look for that.

You can get great deals on eBay, I bought a Karbon set of pants (with suspenders) and matching jacket brand new for $100. But you have to be very careful as there are loads of pirates selling fake cr@p. I wouldnt touch any of the Spyder stuff from China, its 99.9% cheap copies of 4 year old models. Ask lots of questions about where the stuff comes from and actually ask if it is a genuine or a copy. If they say it is a copy run! (or just dont bid on it), even if they say it is the same quality and uses the same materials etc.


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TJ Maxx. They have some nice stuff, but not a wide range of sizes. It would be worth a try.
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