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Inovative Ski Equipment

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Do any of you have specialized ski gear. Clothing,ect. that you have developed yourself from spending years in the sport. Myself,have had custom made Neck-gators made. Keeps the snow and wind from getting down my neck. I also attach clips to my zippers in order to open them more readily. Yes I put some sort of cult stickers(Epic Ski,Grateful Dead,Petrbilt)on my skis. I would be interested to hear of any other types of parafinalia. Maybe that's not quit the right word to use.
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parafinalia? you mean, wax?
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Does duct tape count? Designer rain gear with hefty bags? Lot's of indelible ink and Dead stickers.....

Actually a few years back my dad built our whole family wooden ski boxes for our cars.
It would hold up to 6 pairs of 210's, had a crudely fashioned fairing made of sheet metal in the front, and was mounted on standard Thule bars....Well, I couldn't really use it. I was selling insurance at the time. And it just wasn't a good look to show up at a customers house with what looked like a coffin on top of my car....

I think he's the only one left with it still on a car. Anybody in Summit Cty ever notice a blue Caddy with a red coffin-like box on it? :
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when I used to ski without poles I made velcro skins, which were leather or suade on one part and velcro on the ends. I would wrap these around my skis when I got in line and then didn't have to hang on to poles/ropes and friends to manuver around in the lines.
Then when I was on the chair I just ripped them off and put them in my pocket.
Then at the end of the day, I wrap them around both skis, tip and tail, to keep them together. Now everyone has them. but without the leather part, they get would get pretty torn up by your edges if you tried to use them as walking skins.
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blue Caddy with a red coffin-like box on it.

Now that's a ski car! I had a 65 Buick Invicta in the 70's for a skimobile. You could darn near put 210's in the truck.

Yeah,green ski wax. Get my drift.
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I did carry 210s inside my FIAT 850 coupe back then.(They fit in my Yugo too)(along with 20 or 30 gates and the rest of my gear)
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In my dad's old citroen wagon we used to have a rack that fit inside. It would hook onto the side had slots for 5 pairs of skis.
It was a nice way to protect your skis from the elements. Citreon had a unique "storage rail" inside their old cars that ran all the way around the top of the car that made a great place to hook these racks.

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I don't know if I would want to hitch a ride in either of those vehicles or for that matter if there was any room. Reminds me of that 1965 needle nose Petrbuilt log truck I use to drive. UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED!
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I used to drive a 1966 Corvette Stingray Coup for eight years and had a ski carrier on the back with four large (5 inch dia) rubber suction cups. Since I live where salt is used on the streets, that salt would get under the cups which would shift and vibrate with several pairs of skis on the carrier, and by spring those cups had worn rings, about an eighth inch deep into the fiberglass.

I had to have them filled at the shop every spring until someone came up with the idea to put seven inch vinyl self stick stickers under the cups. No problems after that. And those stickers could be peeled off after the season.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
I had a 65 Buick Invicta in the 70's for a skimobile. You could darn near put 210's in the truck. green ski wax. Get my drift. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ahh, nothing like a 70's cruiser for all those road trips to the hills...

Epic-ski from my past:
72 Galxie 500
69 Lincoln Continental
70 Mercury Marauder
80 Delta 88

Amazing how competent these V-8 cruisers are in the snow with 4 studded snows and a trunk full of beer....
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Now that's styl'in. Reminds me of Sevwen Johnson,Master of the Carve. :
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Exit 154- Are you sure we didn't ski together in Viet Nam?
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I built a sub-floor that goes in the bed of my pickup. It constructed out of 2x6s on end, plywood top and bottom with indoor/outdoor carpeting on the top, with a slot for poles and a diagonal slot for skis. Keeps the skis out of sight and from sliding around
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Had a '63 Bel Air. We cut the enite roof out to make one giant sun roof. Made it easy for cops to check us out in the car without bending over and peering into the back seat. Wouldn''t make it up to the hill but it was style'n driving it to the park and ride. To only relive those days.....
Had had a '62 Buick Special before that.

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Sounds kind of James Bondy. Never the less I bet you drove up into the locals area in the parking lot and after getting all suited up ya reach down into your arsenal and wiped out a pair of GS monsters. You hit me as a GS man. Big Power @ a high rate of speed.. :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
Exit 154- Are you sure we didn't ski together in Viet Nam? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ya, don't you remember you clued me in on the trees to the skiers right of the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

Yes, the green wax makes a superior all around base for all conditions....
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Paraphernalia is probably the word you are after. The only trick bit I have stuck with is an el-cheepo waterproof watch where I modified the strap so that it could be tightened down to just the watch case with a small loop. Threaded the loop thru my gauntlet style glove's wrist strap and I have a watch that I can read without exposing any bare flesh.

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62 Dodge Dart, push button automatic and 4 studded snows. Had one of those suction cup racks like Ott. Dam I miss that car!
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