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Drilled and mounted

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I am about to buy a new pair of skis that are not drilled or mounted for the first time, and I was wondering, how much is it going to cost to get this done.
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That could vary greatly. Anywhere from $30-$100. The Sports Authority charges $30 and as a former tech there, I can vouch for the training (at least on binding mountings) as being more then adequate.

I take it that your new skis do not have a device type binding? If they do then you can easily place them on to the tracks and just dial in the DIN with a posi drive.
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The shop that you bought them from should give you a discounted mount as a purchase/service perk. If not, count on $30-$60 for a certified shop to do the work. Those "system bindings" can be mounted at home but adjustment and torque testing should be done by a qualified ski tech. Remember, the bulk of the charge for binding mounting is for the time it takes for adjustment, testing, and cost of the overhead (tools,mounting jigs, etc...). Not just the time it takes to drill the holes or "attach" the system binding.
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I found a great deal on some Line Anthems and I am buying them online. I still have to get the bindings though. If i buy the bindings at a shop will they still discount the mounting?
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maybe---not guaranteed tho
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