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I'm downtrodden now. You mean you're not a movie star?!? Ha ha ha...
extreme competition? was that the one on "Real TV" last night? they showed a "Todd" catching an edge and doing a "yahd sahl" over cliffs and rocks, during an extreme competition..They didn't give a last name. Pretty ugly but he got up and started climbing back up to get his stuff.
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Nope, sorry my most spectacular falls have all been blissfully free of media coverage.
But thats NOT to say I haven't been a total moron in my time! I've broken MANY bones, including my neck and back. But thankfully only I and my doctors have access to my MRI scans and X-Rays!

However, you can pin the other falls on me if you want - I've no shame! The only thing so idiotic I want no part of ---- is that moron eastern city boy who set himself on fire and then caught big air in Tuckermans . . . anybody else remember that? Good god, they guy could barely buy a turn - talk about "media-whore"!!!!<FONT size="1">

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Maybe not a movie star, but my dad says he's one of the best damn teachers in the east.
So, mt, whats so special about you?
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Well Bethany, if my self proclaimed ignorance makes me special, then I suppose you have hit the nail on the head. Just a quick little tip about the use of the English language, you last sentence should read "So MT, what's so special about you?" You might want to brush up on your skills...

Todd, quite impressive resume.
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Hey - Bethany is just a kid who skis hard and has a hard skiing family! Give her a break.

As far as my "resume" --- it's just my life dude! Its not intended to impress . . . its intended to make me happy in life within this brief mortal coil that we exist!

Lets not bring conflict into this place . . . EPIC is the coolest ski forum I've found on the net - this is a place about celebrating FUN!

So welcome to the forum, where do you ski? And tell us how you love to do it!? Equipment? Funny stories?

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Oh well. it was kind of a funny coincident that the show was on last night and you mentioned that you did some "extreme comp".
When are we going to hear your review of "the book"?

Take care. Did I hear right and a Happy birthday is in order for you and your daughter? Todd?
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Hey Thanks! Yes my little goddess is two - and "terrible two's" are not accurate, they are just playing and exploring - can't help but love them for it . . . but the playing and exploring requires *constant attention* now! <g> God I wish I had 1/2 her energy, its so amazing to watch . . . her amazement at the world!

What show was on last night? (I turned in my satellite system and went back to READING a couple of years ago!)

My review of the book? Sorry its so belated -after I get back from Colorado in a couple of weeks I'll post my opinions. And probably post them in a web-site too . . . opening myself up to all kinds of potential legal excitement!
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It was an episode of "Real TV" that my wife happened to surf past. we saw this guy doing a rag doll fall and stopped to check out the segment. "Todd" was in an extreme competition and fell at the top of a steep cliff/rock area and we were wondering could it be you.

Well happy birthday to you and the daughter. I agree with the curious about everything and exploring. I have now watched several friends kids go through that stage and it's wonderful to watch. <FONT size="1">

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You know D-chan, this conversation makes me think of the things Joan Roastad was asking you about on hyperchangecafe, pertaining to the idea that seeing the PSIA certification pin inspires confidence from the student.

But I have always had the feeling that you and I view instruction of any sort in a different way from many people. So when teachers ask us our opinions, quite often we do not represent the typical student.

Just so that nobody gets offended, I am not trying to make a value judgement, or promote a "holier than thou" attitude. But here we have Todd posting a thread about the benefits {material, physical, psychological} of TEACHING skiing. You and I are aware of his reputation as an instructor, through the articles he's written, and from his intelligent posts on many ski forums { not to mention those of us who rave about his teaching style}. Our respect and confidence in him stems from this.
But for others, I guess this is not really an important quality. What is more essential is "Hey, did i see you in any ski movies?"
Its kind of like people who ask me if I make exercise videos.
Oh well.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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well put lisamarie,
I keep posting on hyperchange that I probably not a typical student just as you do. but I do like to think I'm an informed consumer and I am hopefully helping them realize that it's not so much a typical student they need to focus on but a consumer first that happens to be a student.
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I never said that I did not appreciate Todd's teaching style, or anything of that nature. What I said was that I had no idea who Todd is. He said that he is a pro skier. My loose definition of a pro skier is someone who actively partcipates in some type of comps with money on the line (pro gates, big air, slopestyle, half pipe, freeskiing, etc.) or someone who appears in magazine stills, films, posters and other types of promotional material. If someone were to ask me if Todd was a pro skier I would say no, he is an author, collector and professional instructor and ski school director. After Todd answered my question I stated that I was quite impressed. Apparently though I have offended some of you here by not know who Todd was right from the get go. If that really bothers you that someone might not be as knowledgeable about a specific topic as everyone else, then you have some serious personal issues you need to deal with.
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MT: In no way was I offended. There are probably many famous skiers who have done ski films who I do not have a clue about.
I should be more specific. On another forum, which is frequented mostly by upper level PSIA types, someone posed a question to D-chan regarding how significant and important the certification level of a specific instructor was to him. This lead to a discussion of not only an instructor's education, but their demeanor and attitude. Keep in mind, at ski schools, your instructor is often called a "pro" , and for us, the definition of that word, in this specific case, applies to the instructors teaching expertise.
Now, the only reason I brought this up, is because D-chan and I are perhaps the only two students on the board. We are often asked questions about the "students perspective", but quite possibly, our perspective is atypical.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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Yep, I agree with Lisamarie - and I think the technical definition of a "pro skier" is someone who gets paid to ski, which in a lot of people's heads is the movie stars; they just get paid the most!

~Michelle H.~
( )
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"hope this helps"...... ??
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>>which in a lot of people's heads is the movie stars; they just get paid the most! <<

Oh?! The big time repeat picture stars do pretty well off of the movies, but actually end up using the movie more as a business card which allows them to get higher dollars from their "real" jobs as trainers, competitive skiers, ski area management, company rep/testers and etc. Can they still be "ski pro's" ??

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(giggle deleted)<FONT size="1">

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Welcome back! I had a conversation about this stuff on another forum with a woman who is "high up the ladder" in the PSIA. I asked her and others who they thought was the "ski pro", those who compete and make ski flicks, or those who put most of their talent and energy into being amazing teachers.
In her inifinite wisdom about ski instruction, which has a tendancy to trancend into every aspect of life, she replied:

"We tend to be dazzled by athleticism rather than magic, because athleticism is in the eye of the beholder, whereas magic is in the experience of being with the person."

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill......

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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There is a group out there trying to rally the retail-buying masses and force all companies to pay for the advertising space we provide instead of the other way around. If you contact them and work up an estimate of how long you've adorned yourself with which company(ies') logo(s) they will actually send out a bill for you. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to contact them... Schwag hos unite!

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...<FONT size="1">

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Welcome Roto.
interesting bio
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Thanks for the welcome dchan, As for the Bio, all in good fun, huh?

Epicski is a new discovery for me. This forum is great. I was in the PSIA forum, bored to tears and happened across info on this one.

Some interesting posts on this thread. Especially the ones concerning Ski-Pros.

In this country I wouldn't be surprised if the words skiing and profession weren't even in the same dictionary.

There are many ways to make a living at it other than competing. I didn't see Todd bill himself as a Pro-Racer. It shouldn't surprise me that MT assumed 'pro' meant competitor. There are thousands of other legitimate ski pros MT has never heard of.

They don't bank 23 mil.
They aren't media darlings.

They have put as much time and money into their vocation as many M.D.s and PhDs.
They do possess skills and knowledge laymen do not.

In skiing countries; Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, etc., skiers are Michael Jordan. Everyone knows who the up-and-comers are too.
They have ski universities that take five years to complete and train professionals to patrol, control, guide, teach, coach, race, etc.etc. They also supply a national uniform upon graduation.
In France a fully certified instructor can lose their Nat. certification for misrepresenting the uniform -like being disbarred or losing their license.(o.k., that part is hearsay)
Society provides the support structure for professional avenues within skiing.

I have been working on the snow (In the U.S.)full-time for over 15 years and still find the term 'ski bum' defines my career choice to most people who live more than 10 minutes from a ski hill.

Making it as a ski pro is not easy. I have yet to do so. I still depend on a decent summer income to tide me over for the winter of 6 and 7 day work weeks. I guess I haven't figured out the shameless self-promotion part of it yet.

Even though being impressive wasn't your point in posting your ski-pro life, it still is. Party on! I hope to cross paths sometime, though I am a denizen of the Northwest. We tend to stay in our corner up here. A few of us did come out to play in Utah last time, though.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Interesting stuff about the credentials and such in other countries Roto.

Where in the NW? I lived in Oregon for awhile, and when younger used to do summer training up at Mt. Hood. I still make it that way every few years. Have the western droughts been getting up that far North?
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Wonderful post Roto, as all your others have been thus far. By strange coincidence {this keeps happening this week} I was just writing something on hyperchangecafe about our culture's attitude about teachers in general, especially sports and fitness teachers. You guys have to put up with the stereotype of the ski bum, we have to put up with the "aerobic bimbo" concept.

What it all comes down to {as Allanis would say} is that we are a culture of entertainment as opposed to a culture of learning {I'm plagerizing Tog, now}, but even sadder, our society's value seem to lie in finding idols to worship, rather than mentors to learn from.

But any sort of teacher knows that the best "shwag" comes from seeing how much you have enriched the lives of your students.

And Todd's teaching style is even more impressive than his bio.

Thank you for joining us, Roto.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Right now I'm in Seattle, but have spent most of my time east of the Cascade Mtns working at Mission Ridge. I am working at Stevens Pass these days as TD for the resident school (we have concession schools up here). I did work at T-Line for one season (Winter 1997-98) as the Snowboard Supervisor/Trainer. I have shagged and coached for some summer PSIA camps as well.

So how did you break your back and neck? I suffered a compund fracture of the jaw in which I actually broke off both upper condyles, effectively detaching my jaw from my skull.

I did it skiing fast at a semi-familiar mountain. I also won the 'crash of the week' and would've been sported free beer at the patroller keg if I hadn't been in surgery that day.

Much of this winter was drought-like, but it turned out pretty good in the end. We were skiing POW until the very last day (april 15th). Funny, we never really got past 50% snow pack, but the spring was so much colder, and we kept getting so much snow that our runs stayed in better shape than when we get a 150" base going. The entire mountain was skiable on the last day, including all of the off-piste. We hiked for an 18" dump 2 weeks after closing. By closing time on the final weekend at Mt. Baker they had over 20" of fresh for the weekend and it kept snowing until Tuesday.

Thank you very much LisaMarie,

Stereotypes used to bother me more, but now I realize that stereotypes don't hold anybody back unless they let them. One of my former directors told me if I truly decided to make this my career I could do so, but I had to make that decision and work for it. That message really didn't come to roost until I took a forced (sort of) hiatus from full-time skiing and discovered just how important it is and how far into the fiber of my being it has worked.

I share your point of view on Schwag. It really is one of the reasons I have remained involved for so long.

Fitness is such an important part of life. Even though I have made many technique-oriented breakthroughs in skiing. The biggest jump in my skiing came when I started leading a race team's dryland training program. Improved core strength and general conditioning made an incredible difference in my skill level.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Ouch, the jaw thing sounds painful!

I fractured a vertabrae in a few places when I was in the powder one day - and a UFO (Undersnow F**king Object) stopped both skis dead, I did a short and non-heroic Superman imitation, flying through the air. I curled up some in the air to try and minimize damage (I was going fast) but upon landing still compressed my spine enough to cause damage. I'm actually still dealing with some nerve problems possibly related the that injury - but nothing physically debilitating.

Never broke my neck, though I did crush my windpipe in the 1997 U.S. Extreme Skiing Championships. As such things go it was typical, I was actually warming up for one of the finals - just taking it easy, took a little air. Stuck the landing, but the strap on my new helmet actually compressed my windpipe when my head dipped down from the landing momentum. I'm perhaps one of they few people ever actually put in the hospital directly *by* a helmet! <g> The helmet company actually covered my medical costs and I was out on the snow again the next day.

I've also cracked ribs, torn an MCL, had a tib/fib fracture and various other things. But these days . . . I'm sick of hurting myself so I don't find my limits the hard was so much anymore!
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Roto, let me know if you need more core strength exercises to add to your dryland program. I already have quite a few, and between next week and mid November, I wiil be learning many new ones.

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill.....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Wow Roto, I would be interested to see how many skiers you can name that "bank 23 mill" every year. They must be all those thousands of pro skiers that I'm not aware of because I am not from a skiing country, have not been to a 5 year skiing university and heaven forbid should I know who some up and comers are. Do you think that your level of radness would ever be attainable in a lifetime for some one so out of the know as myself?
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I said they DO NOT bank 23 mil. as a comparison to other professional athletes in the U.S. who do.

I worked with a coach who went to such a university in Germany. He graduated with qualifications to work any skiing job in the world. I was amazed such an institution exists. We don't have any such thing here.

The whole post was about the largely unrecognized career choice of pro skiing in this country. Professional skiing of any kind is not socially supported as a career choice here.

Even ski racing is reserved for the select few who can afford it, or whose families make huge sacrifices for their developing athletes. Other athletic opportunities are made readily readily available.

As for my level of radness, I don't know what you mean, but thanks for recognizing it, nonetheless.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...<FONT size="1">

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