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Schwag Whoring

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In every profession from computers, plumbing, video or skiing . . . one of the benefits of dealing with companies is "schwag". You know, all the free stuff you get from companies wanting you to hawk their wares. In skiing the favorite schwag is definately clothing. Over the years, like most full time ski pros I've accumulated a pretty massive collection of jackets, fleeces, pants, gloves, T-Shirs, and of course we are buried in Ball-Caps.

The funny thought is just remembering a co-worker last winter saying "you are a schwag whore". I looked down, I had on a Volant Pro Staff Fleece, an Elan Special Forces Jacket over that, old Reusch Gloves with Hart Skis sewn in the fingers, and a "Team Rossignol" hat on. <g>

But you know, its not like every time we change equipment allegiance we are going to throw all that great clothing away! I'm sure that the equipment manufacturers would certainly like us to just wear the labels of whoever we work for at the moment - but hey, they can replace my whole wardrobe if thats what they want!

So I'll just go on Schwag Whoring I guess.

Just a silly observation, I'm avoiding work here - no deep point.
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Schwag Whoring is good. I think Michael Douglas said that in "Wall Street". Or maybe it was something else he said. Anyway, I excel at it. It makes my activities more affordable.

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I have the same problem & I am not even a pro. working in a ski town ya just come across logoed gear, & like any of us are gonna say NO to free gear.
I mean in the stuff I used regularly last season free helmet, free poles, free fleeces (too many) free gloves
it is part of the payoff for having a job that allows you to ski & does not pay much
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Yeah I agree, people sometimes act envious about all the free skis, clothes and such. But I consider it a part of the pay . . . which even when added in does not add up to wealth by any means! However, the decision is: you can work a job thats just 'ok' so that you can ski a day or two a week (maybe) in luxury, or you can do a job thats great and ski every day . . . but you drive a Subaru instead of a BMW. Personally, looking at heart attack, alcoholism & divorce rates among those who made the first choice. I'll take the skiing every day and eagerly grab whatever Schwag I can!
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in the tv business schwag= sh** we ain't gettin!
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Be careful Todd. The IRS may be listening. Did you pay income tax on the value of that stuff?

Schwag Whore.... I love it! But I think it has a lot more to do with where you live, because of the availability and abundance of Schwag. Here, in the banana belt of skiing (mid atlantic), even the top brass in the ski schools don't have much schwag, because it doesn't get thrown around down here the way it does in ski towns.
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IRS . . . yikes! Actually, our entire life is a write off. For fun I write, compute and ski. For work I write, compute and ski! My wife rides horses for fun, for work she rides horses! Thats something they need to teach in school - do what you love so that your entire life is a write-off!

I hear you about the mid-Atlantic. Even though the skier numbers out East are huge, I've noticed that the Schwag doesn't seem to flow as freely here as it did in the Rockies, don't know why.
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Schwaggwhore is my middle name. God I love gear. But now I am all about getting gear without it being the mass quanity stuff... ie. hats, shirts and fleece. I have moved on to the next level free skis (2 pairs last season, 2 probe poles, Jacket, schollar jkt, 3 pair sunglasses... mmm what else.)

Schwagg only free as freely as you make it --- gots to work all the angles.
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Your doing well then Telechick! Telemark schwag has always been harder to come by.

The real secret to all schwag of course is *Shameless Self Promotion*. Actual credentials help too of course - but the shameless self promotion part is key for the really good schwag!
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Yes I am... but I work hard at what I do...
However, I realize that I may have a bit too much of everything. More skis then what fit in the rack( oh that was free too.) I need to work on getting replacements of things I already have - instead of new shit. Or I just need to get rid of the old stuff.

Industy hook ups are pretty swell too!
more more more more more GEAR!<FONT size="1">

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Schwag whores...do not be ashamed...flaunt it! Changing manufacturers does not eliminate a thing from my wardrobe, just newer and better will move some garments down in the pecking order! One point of silliness however, every year I get a new pair of foamed boots...every year I say "you haven't changed the model, and I am just breaking them in"! I would rather get another pair of skis, cause whaddaya do with one year old foam boots? "well they're scuffed" Ok...one more set of wildflower planters out on the barn fence! Life is just a bitch for a professional schwag whore!
About the IRS...in T-ride, the school was all excited about the computerized sales system for privates which allowed charging to hotel room portfolios...until tips were no longer handed over covertly but guests added them to the charges...now they not only have to claim tips to the IRS...they are assumed to receive tips...and must claim just like F&B employees.....ouch!
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I like the idea of "doing what you love and your life is a write off". Until the IRS decides that your work is just a hobby. Having free gym memberships wherever I teach is definitely a plus, but more important is the fact that my work actually keeps me healthy, and immune to some of the problems that more sedentaty workers experience.
Writing off fitness conferences as travel expenses is great. Would be even better if they didn't hold them at Disney so often. Thank goodness this year its in SF, with the chance to see skiminker and d-chan. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up some free POWER GOO for skiminker at the fitness expo.

I think last November Mark got the best Schwag. He convinced his company to pay for him to attend a Java conference.
At Keystone.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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It almost sounds like another addition to the Real Skier vs. Expert Skier comparison:

Expert skier wears $55 ski-company-logo'd polo shirts to work on casual friday.

Real skier wears one of his 20 ski company logo'd polo shirt that the ski company gave him when he is going somewhere formal.
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Hmmmm - missed that one. Well, I wouldn't even want to get into "real" vs. "expert" or whatever. Sounds like fertile ego stomping ground that nothing would come out of!

I would say, we should all follow our dreams. We Americans are getting eaten alive by the Materialism myth hook line and sinker! Do what you love! The line between "hobby" and "work" is a relatively modern one. We all have the power to live happy lives chasing our dreams!
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Ahhhh, Shameless Self-Promotion. No wonder I don't get anything to speak of. I had to be talked into accepting boots and skis as an area rep and then felt inclined to have to go help out with demo days. But I'll do it again if I get the chance!!!
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You've got the idea! Then the next step is to not have to 'rep' at all (after all, thats WORK! <g>). Eventually you can get them to just give you the stuff and you only promise to use it, not to sell it.
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UHHHHH,must be nice, can i have the ones that don't fit?I would dig a machete T.
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Lisamarie said:
I think last November Mark got the best Scwag. He convinced his company to pay for him to attend a Java conference.
At Keystone.

Yeah, some Schwag. Altitude sickness from hell the first 4 days, walking around with an O2 bottle while I'm trying to learn about J2EE.

Then on my first run of the season I get blindsided by a first-time snowboarder who slams me down at a bad angle, giving me a rotator cuff injury.

Yeah, I just loved putting in my expense report for that trip.

Now I may have to go to India. In monsoon season. (Mud skiing, anyone?)
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India has BIG mountains though -- you could do an epic ski trip! Sherpas and pack horses are cheap there too! Of course during Monsoon Season especially the weather up on those mountains makes Mt. Washington look like a relaxing day at the Beach!<FONT size="1">

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Uh, could ya' NOT give him any ideas?
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Well you just better go along and supervise!
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Yeah, I always wanted to be a woman in one of those Merchant Ivory films.
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The costumes are nice...

Hobbies themselves are relatively recent inventions (the aristocracy had similar pursuits, like the Grand Tour, but the implied amateur edification prevented such pursuits from being seen as such). Movements to establish recreational parks (adjacent urban domains) goes back maybe to 1870; the bicycle really caught on circa 1890s; respectable theater betwixt the two (my girl Ellen again). Tourism has a similar pedigree, as tour agencies (e.g., Thomas Cook) are established in the 19th century whereas none existed before; the middle class hadn't been out much. So only subsequent to that can the line of work and hobby get blurred, esp. since having the latter was a class distinction.

That is, you had to establish the line, then proceed to blur it (you could say it was a blur or an unheardof distinction before).

xxL<FONT size="1">

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i really like my malt liquor?
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Lisakaz; You never cease to amaze me!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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As time goes on I am becoming a Schwag Master. Free boots last year, hats, apron for tuning and waxing, T-shirts, fleece vests, coats etc. I love it.
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schwag is so prevelant in SLC that I see the homeless gents in my part of town in head ski jackets & lange hats.
or maybe they are just ski bums killing time till the set up camp in the canyon
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does ryan rul while I blo?
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Wow Todd, sounds like you get quite a bit of equipment there. Excuse my ignorance, but being a pro skier what films have you appeared in? I can't seem to place your name with any comps, films etc.. I would be interested to know.
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MT -

Is the only definition of a "pro-skier" being in films?! Oh man, there will be many thousands of dissapointed "pro-skiers" in that case!


No films, some TV stuff but nothing out of Colorado (that I'm aware of). Brief timeline based bio: Grew up racing, captain of ski team in HS (Germany), captain of ski team in College (Colorado, USA), Instructor, Race Director at ski area, Training Director at ski area, Ski/Snowboard School Director, couple of hundred articles published on skiing (I've posted a few at www.sover.net/~murch . . . you can find more scattered about the internet if you search on my name), just finished first ski book . . . oh various competitions stuff, made finals in 97' US Extreme Championships, have maybe the biggest private english ski book collection in world . . . etc.

That enough blowing my own horn? There are others here far more experienced than I . . . ask around and you'll see. Seth Masia and Bob Barnes are just two of them.<FONT size="1">

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