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Advice from the pro's please?

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Last March, while coming down the East wall at A-basin I tweaked my left knee while falling, unfortunatlly on some rocks. I also fractured my thumb in that fall but it didn't need set. I felt the knee strain and I went down. Got up and put my ski back on after a second and continued down the run. This was about 11:30. We did another top to bottom run and then broke for lunch. The Knee felt werid but was still ok.

After lunch we all did serveral more top to bottom runs on blues/blacks no one really challenging ourselves as we where all very tired from 3 days of marathon skiing (my first time to CO.)

unfortunatlly, this was our last day of the trip and we headed back to the airport directlly from the slopes. By the time I tries to get out of the car at the hotel next to the airport my knee would barely move. The next morning there was a bruise on the inner side of my calf about a quarter of the way down. I limped for about 3 weeks after this incident and then it started feeling beter.

So what do you all think? I have to admit to being really apprehensive about this injury. Skiing is a really big part of who I am and I've replayed this incident everyday since it happened last March. I also have a trip planned to Ski Whiteface, NY in Jan and another Co. trip in March that I'm planning.

The knee feels weak, but I could be psyching myself out added to the fact that I have babied it this year. Alot of people have told me that recovering from an injury like this is very mental as well as physical.

I really appreciate any and all feedback! (even flames!)

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If it's stable and not giving out when going down stairs, and you're not having pain or locking sensations then it was probably a bad bruise / "sprain" and you should be fine. If unsure, why not have an ortho give it the once-over? Nothing better than the reassurance value of hearing you're normal.
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Originally Posted by Kerovick View Post
Alot of people have told me that recovering from an injury like this is very mental as well as physical.
Yes, recovery has psychological aspects. Perhaps you need to regain confidence in the knee and your abilities. I might suggest a combination of both increasing knee/leg strength through exercise and progressively challenging the knee while skiing. You might want to do this under the direction of a physical therapist or personal trainer. Also try visualizing past fun and successful days of skiing. Your mind may have decided that skiing is hazardous, and if that is the case, you need to teach it otherwise by "getting back on the horse." Having said that, the key may be to progressively ramp up your skiing and strength.
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I feel much better just reading these replies, It hasn't given out on me at all but I do have some pain sometimes (but the other knee hurts sometimes too). I'm looking forward to making my first turns of the season, that'll be the real test. I think I'll look into having an Ortho look at it just to be sure though.

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Keep us posted!
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What do you mean by feeling weak?

I hurt my knee skiing, I levered myself against the back of my boots to get out of the back seat. One knee gave out. I skied another run, but the knee did not feel right. I called it a season, it was late March. It did not hurt or swell up.

Throughout the spring and summer, the knee would give a bit. It is hard to explain. Anyhow, I had an MRI done in September. The MRI showed that both meniscus were torn. The surgeon was not too impressed by the MRI(his words), but since I had not come in right after the injury he concluded that I did not make up symptoms. So he recommend surgery.

The scope showed that not only did I have meniscus damage, but the cartilage on the end of the bones and knee cap was bad and I only had half an ACL. He cleaned out my knee and microfractured the bone ends to facilitate healing of the ACL.

I skied last season and the knee held up fine.

I guess the moral of the story is to get your knee check by a doctor.
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