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Blizzard Argos w/ IQ FRT 16

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Ski: Blizzard Argos with IQ (Blizzard's integrated system) FRT 16 (Marker Duke) 187cm.

Me: 6'3" 225, I've been skiing 32 years, at this point I can turn left right and stop pretty good. Other skis: Head iM88, Scott P4, Gotama, Head GS RD, Stockli Scot Schmidt Pro (1st gen.) and a few more...

Conditions: 8"-14" of fresh over a firm base at Stowe.

These things rip. They ski wider than a 101mm waist would indicate, float on par with the Scott P4, better than a Gotama. The ski felt edamper than a Volkl but less so than a Head, nice. Edge grip seemed good, but I was skiing powder... I'll post again with more 'all mountain' opinions when conditions warrant. The relatively soft tail allows for easy short radius two-footed powder turns, they were easy to bend enough to complete turns for speed control in the woods. The excellent torsional rigidity allowed high speed independent legged GS turns while racing friends back to the lift. The slight kick tail (similar to a LP) is what I like in a ski, I just really don't care for full twin-tip skis.

I've said I like a flat mount on wide skis, the Duke is far from flat but the lift didn't seem in any way to be a negative on the ski, the binding rocks. totally confidence inspiring.

I likey.
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Interesting. Did you notice any play in the ID system? I would be interested in how this combo works on hardpack, not that it would be the terrain of choice for this setup.
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I skied it on hardpack the other day. HARD hard pack. 100% man made. They literally carved like race skis. They are like a fat Super G.

There is virtually no slop in the interface. My buddy has a pair of GSR's with regular bindings, and they seem to have a bit of wiggle, but the Dukes are on there rock solid.
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If this is an indicator of how the Titan series will handle, overall, I can't wait to get on my EOS!!!!

Whiteroom, Thanks!!
UP, you're the devil!
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If they are anything like my Nines, which I liken to a wide GS ski...you are lucky skiers.
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The Argos ski short like the old Gotamas, or long?
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I can't speak for the Argos/Gotama comparison, but I can for the Cronus/Karma connection, which would be one step down in width from the Gotoma/Argos

I had the Karma in a 169, - skied short
Have the Cronus(husbands in 180) and Eos(women's specific version of Cronus 166) and they ski as the length would suggest, and are a semi twin, not a full twin.
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The Argos doesn't ski short, but I feel it is very nimble, but I think almost everything except my 194cm Stockli Scot Schmidt feels nimble...that is a tank.

I've got probably 20 days on the Argos now, including some uphill skinning with the Duke. I really love this ski. It is so much fun on groomers, I can lay it out in big arcs with absolute confidence on hard snow, it leaves railroad tracks in the snow that look like they were carved with a laser but it's playful in softer snow. Two of my favorite skis have been the Scott p4 for tree skiing and the Head iM88 for harder snow. I like the loose, surfy feel of the p4 and the solid, quiet, smooth, racy feel of the 88. I like the Argos better than both.
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I have been looking for some fatties and found these going for $600 at Backcountry outlet. The thing that impressed me the most is that they have the Duke bindings which are worth $400 by themselves. My intention for next year is to start venturing a bit to the backcountry, specially after the lifts close, and this sounds like a killer deal.

I have a question about lenght though. They only have 180 and 187 available. I am 5'8'', 155lbs, and my current everyday ski is the Dynastar Mythic Rider on 165. I am a bit afraid of buying a ski that is too long for me. OTOH, I've become much more aggresive on my skiing and I think that if I'll be riding these on crud and powder I may be able to handle the extra lenght.

Should I pull the trigger?
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What kind/level of a skier are you? I'm a little surprised you're skiing the MR that short given your height/weight. I'm just a tad bigger than you -- 1/2 inch taller and 10 lbs heavier -- and I felt the MR in 178 was perfect for me.

Anyway, I own the Argos and ski it in 180...I almost went 187, but decided 180 would be more versatile for me. If you are a strong skier, 180 will be just right. Go for it.

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Thanks for the feedback Josh. I'm a level 7/8 skier progressing fast, and as I said I'm becoming more agressive on my skiing.

I've seen the whole debate here on Epic about going short or long on the skis. When I was demoing before buying the MRs I usually felt more comfortable with skis in the 165-170 range. To complete my quiver I'm thinking about buying the Dynastar Contact Ltd or the Contact 4x4, and so far I'm biased to go 165 (I'll wait till the season starts to demo and buy). The instructor I had my last two weekend camps was on the Contact Ltd 172 and he was at least 20lbs heavier than me. He recommended I'd stay on the 165s.

Anyway, screw financial responsability, recession, and short skis. I'm buying
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Argos etc

Well for those frontside carvers, the shorter lengths make sense. But for these fatter skis where you're looking for float in pow, 165-170 is toooooo short.

I applaud your throwing various cautions to the wind...buy 'em up. Wanna spend some bucks on me while you're at it? I want a pair of Kuros that I can't at all justify ;-)

Have fun.

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That's what I thought too, the 180 will be just fine for powder days. The hard part now is the 4+ month wait until I can try them out. Good luck getting the Kuros!
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FYI, there's a killer deal on TGR for a pair of 173s. $300 but without the dukes.

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What is the difference of the binding he is selling them with, and what it came with?

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Originally it came with Dukes, he's selling them with the IQ 4.12, which is basically a Marker binding with max Din 12. If you're not using ir for backcountry then you wouldn't really need the dukes anyway.
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