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Need Goggle Advice - are spy googley eyes good or just flashy?

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Hi Folks,

My first post on the barking bear forums.. years now from i will look back on these keystrokes w/ nostalgia. In the meantime I just need to know if these goggles are any good.


The ones i am looking at are the third ones in (OMEGA - 2007 Crichton Signature)

I have a pair of Oakley Crowbar's from last year but I think they are ugly. I want to get a how you say.. sexier pair but i dont want to sacrifice function for form.

I see lots of kids wearing spy goggles and i think the oens i linked to above will look 'rad' with my new line prophet 100's. Does anyone know anything about spy? What lighting conditions would they be good/bad for? I ski it all


- Barry
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Hi Barry,
After rescuing your post from the auto-spam filter (first time post with links) I hope you'll let me welcome you to EpicSki. I don't have any experience with the Spy Soldier goggle, but had the Spy Orbit in orange mirror. I dumped that right after trying it on because of the weird light refractions. This one looks like a little less spherical lens.

I like the results I get with Smith Optics, and keep an eye out for deals on SAC and elsewhere. If you get a chance to try some on, that should tell you what you want to know. Goggles for me, might not fit so good for you. Good hunting, but I bet if the Crowbars are in good shape, you'll find plenty of takers for them.
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well that is good to know.. i've always heard good things about smith too..

i thougth those spy oens are cool but if the lenses are bunk then forget it..

my crowbars are in great shape.. i just think they are ugly...

for sale: 50 bucks

i'll look into smiths next

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I freakin SWEAR by Spys. I really mean it (although usually find them on sale somewhere). I won't buy anything else.

Main reason? The rubber strip on the inside of the strap. It keeps it in place on the helmet.

Sounds crazy but the rest is just the same as any other company. That particular feature makes the sale for me every time.
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I liked my Spy goggles, but the mirrored lens left a lot to be desired. The mirror rubbed off and left the goggles witha chipped up look. You could'nt really see it when looking thru, but they looked like crap very quickly.

I do love the silicone bead that is on the inside of the strap holding them in place on a helmet.
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Can someone compare the fit of Spy goggles to Carrera Cups?
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ooh a discussion

good.. i was hoping this thread didn't die so quickly.

I am going to go ahead and get the spy's and be my own judge.. they will either win a customer or lose 5 (after i slander them if they suck)

I really hope the mirror finish doesn't come off this years googley eyes, damn they look sexy.

FYI my oakley crowbars have some sort of sticky rubber on the inside of the strap to helm them stick to helmet and it works very well, I imagine most future models will as well as that is a handy feature. Nothing worse that hiking back up the hill to get your googley eyes!

Sorry. i dont know anything about carrera.. my oakleys fit big and from what i can tell the spys do too which is fine by me since I have a FAT HEAD.
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Spy is legit, so is Oakley. Crowbars are so hot right now too. A-frames are legit too. Some Smith's are bangin as well. I like spherical lenses and I only buy Oakley...specificaly A-frames cause they fit mah face.
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I have a pair of Spy MX goggles. I wear them for skiing. They have an amber lens that auto adjusts to light intensity. Best goggles I've owned.

As far as mirror finishes. I avoid them. I have 2 pairs of Smith District II? sunglasses that I won at MTB races. The mirror finish starts to peel up at the edges from sweat and lens cleaner.
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Damnit those are hot googley eyes.. i must have them. They will be purdy w/ my 06/07 line prophet 100's

I just sold my crowbars to a co-worker for 40 bawks. I like soem of them but the oens i had were brown strap and orange lense.. kinga fugly.

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