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new skier tired of renting- time to buy

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Hi all- I'd like to hear what you all think...

After living in Colorado for nearly a decade I decided not to put off skiing any longer...

I've got less than 12 days under my belt in 1.5 seasons- Copper, Loveland, Winter Park, Breck, Eldora. I'm skiing a lot of the blues, no black yet. I'm 6'1", 160lbs.

I'm planning to put in 12 days this year, and I am *really* tired of hassling with rentals. So... I'm thinking of buying two pairs:

1) all-mountain twin tips like the Salomon 1080 Foil or Rossi Scratch Sprayer BC, if I can find some 2007 models for sale.
2) something else non-twin tip. The Sniagrab guys really like the Volkl Supersport S3.

I don't have enough experience to know what kind of skiing I like most, but for this year I'm almost certainly going to stay on the groomed with an occasional trek into the trees. Not interested in the terrain park. Might screw up the courage for some black runs. I figure if I buy two sets of decent skis now (of different types) it'll help me figure out my likes and dislikes that much sooner (and keep me from wasting time in the rental line). I should mention that I tried Volkl Karmas in a 171 last year at Loveland and really dug them. It was the first time I rode twin tips and I found it to be way easier to initiate turns than anything I'd tried before, which really made the whole day a lot more enjoyable.

Thoughts? and thanks!
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vital stats please pm me and we'll figure something out
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welcome to the addiction that is skiing and skiing gear
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Addiction... hehe... yeah, gotta buy some toys for every new obsession.

So I guess I probably should have made my questions more obvious:

1) Are either the Foil and Scratch different enough from the Volkl SS S3 to make it worth buying the S3 and one of the others? Going by the sidecut (volkl:112-68-99, Foil: 124-85-114) I'm guessing *big* difference, but then again I don't know much about these things.

2) Foil or Scratch? Foil reviews are all over the place and seem to be very positive. Not a lot on the Scratch, but what little there is seems to be positive as well. The two skis seem very close in terms of what they are built for. Maybe it comes down to: Salomon is typically good for this, and Rossi is typically good for that?
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