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WC 90-100% open

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reporting 50" of snow out of this last storm, :Wolf Creek expects to be 90 -100% open boasting a 47" base at the summit and new snow expected the end of the week.

We've booked a trip for the weekend of the 15th, but may sneak on up there for a day next weekend. Finally
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I don't know anything about this mt., but it sounds great. Lots of snow like alta. Maybe less challenging and smaller.

I don't know anyone who has been there.

465" per year
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We did the roadtrip from Denver and skied it yesterday. We got first track on the Aberta face...awesome! The 1st two runs alone made the ticket price worth it. That said, there were MANY big rocks that we were hitting. Too bad that the place only has a few hundred vertical feet of decent terrain then the rest of the mountain is fffffllllaaaaattt.
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I also skied WC yesterday. Incredible conditions, considering that last Monday the grass was showing. The storm started warm and wet and just kept getting colder, so we were only skiing about the top 12", which was very light. It snowed lightly until around noon. They opened the ridge and you could hike to Montezuma Bowl (the traverse in was across nothing but rocks, but not to the top of Alberta Peak. The farther you went away from the Treasure Lift towards Alberta Peak the rockier it got. Saw a lady that hit a rock and landed on another one up there and may have busted her hip. The skiing off the ridge in the other direction was open off the top from both directions and was also good.

Your could still hit stuff but it was pretty much ripping skiing top to bottom as long as you weren't stupid and just a little lucky. The Waterfall area was not open but the reports from the patrol were that there are still a lot of logs and stuff that are not really covered, but that has never stopped WC from opening that area in the past. One more good dump and it should be skiing well everywhere. You can go to TGR and see a few pictures from Sunday if you are interested.
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Sunday at Wolf Creek was awesome. Even tho we got in late, we still got some great lines, and fresh snow. The snow stayed light and fluffy all day, and you could pretty much just pick a spot along the ridge between Glory Hole & Montezuma and drop into nice fluff! A great 2nd day of the season for us.
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Fabulous day! Tried to ski yesterday, but a small avalanche closed the road to the mountain. 9 cars stuck, but none actually buried and no one hurt. Worth the rediculous wait in the ticket line. tons of snow - light fluffy on top of dense wet base. everything open, everything covered. you could hear people hooting and hollering through the trees.
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