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Gore Mountain 12/7-8 ???

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Thinking about taking the day off on Friday and hitting Gore. I'm coming from NYC and staying with a friend in Saratoga. Looks like they will be getting a bit of snow everyday:

Has anyone skied Gore in the past week or so? If so how was it? $25 lift ticket on Friday too. I just want to assess whether its worth it to take a day off and make the trip. I'm very anxious to get on the slopes!
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i was going to beg to tag along if you want to do a day trip on saturday!!
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Unfortunately, I will be going up Thursday with a friend of mine, praying that it doesn't snow on the way up because I have an anti-snow car.

We're actually thinking about going to Jay Peak thursday morning. Doubt it will happen because we would be screwing another friend over by doing so.
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I'm going Thursday, but can only imagine it's pretty good right now. On their website, it doesn't look like they opened any new trails following the 13 inches they've received over the last 2 days. It's been cold too, so I think they're trying to get enough snow blown to get Twister open - more than 1 way to get to the parking lot at the end of the day. Hopefully they'll get a little more open by Thursday.
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Originally Posted by bjohansson View Post
I'm going Thursday
so how was it?
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Originally Posted by TacomaLuv View Post
i was going to beg to tag along if you want to do a day trip on saturday!!
hey there stranger
wanna fgo with me on Sunday?
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