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Discount tickets for Stratton?

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Going to Stratton for the first time later this month (for New Years), I'm staying at the Equinox and asked them if they have any lift ticket deals, they said no. Stratton has some insanely expensive tickets (might be the most costly in the country).

Does anyone know where I may purchase some discounted?

I plan to ski 5-6 days.
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I don't think Stratton does much in the way of deals with outside vendors.
Try their website.

The Equinox is a great place.
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see thread titled deal alert: Stratton in family forum

Edit: Nevermind---ends before you are going.
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my mt wachusett season pass gives me an x2 card for free. Do you have a pass from another resort? they could have a reciprocal agreement as well. If not would it be worth it to purchase?

X2 card
The X2 Express Card
Includes a FREE Day of skiing or riding!
Skip the ticket lines and save $10-$30 every time you ski or ride

$30 OFF Midweek (Monday - Friday)
- $20 OFF Weekends (non-holiday)
- $10 OFF Holidays**

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yup - X2 card. You get a free ticket with it I think plus discounts after that.

Actually if you knew you were going there a season pass purchased back in Sept would have been the thing - the Midweek superpass is $399 ... but it was at least $50-100 less back then. Anyway, probably not worth it now if you get the X2

They claim to have gotten a foot of snow ... so it should help. They have great snomaking and lifts which is important in the east IMO (particularly if it's busy)
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If you had a season pass to Mt Creek you'd have gotten a much better deal (ducking)

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yeah but

you'd be in NJ (sorry
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
you'd be in NJ (sorry
It's not all that bad, really, sorta, kinda , maybe,

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An X2 card costs $79 and includes a free lift ticket. If you are going to ski 5 or 6 days you can easily calculate your savings. $10 on holidays $20 on weekends and $30 midweek.

Stratton's deals are really al abotu staying at their properties then you can find some pretty good packages.
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I saw the X2 card and got excited until I saw all the black out dates and that I cannot use the free pass while I will be there. Since I ski at several different mountains each season and not so many days that it would pay, I dont have any season passes. Closest to one that I have is a Big Lift card for Hunter.
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Originally Posted by BillA View Post
It's not all that bad, really, sorta, kinda , maybe,

Might be worse
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