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line cutting

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finally went skiing today -- on my new skis. the only thing around that was open was Mont Ripley, and all they had was a t-bar and one run open (somehow it was officially 3 runs, they came up w/ clever names for the top, the middle, and the bottom.)...but i wasn't about to get picky when it's been this long.... the new skis were great, but...

...there was tons of linecutting : . i must've blocked 5 or 6 kids today w/ my pole (the mute looks of astonishment at my nerve for not letting them ditch were priceless), yelled at some who were w/in earshot ("the end of the line's way the hell back there, eh!") and i missed countless others who were out of reach. some of these i pointed out to the liftie, but he was about 16 -- didn't seem to have grown the cojones yet to do much more than shrug and make the linecutters miss a couple bars. once i pointed out a group of line cutters to a ski patrol standing next to me in line, he said just yell at 'em. i said "you're not going to do anything? not even talk to 'em? when are you going to start pulling lift tickets?" he said yeah he could, but that would mean he would have to watch the line, and he didn't really feel like it. he wouldn't have had to watch it all day -- just say something to one or two he sees in earshot of everybody else (only one line), make a vague threat about pulling passes, and that would have pretty much cleared it up. oh well...

another thing -- snowboarders seem more or less incapable of riding the t-bar two at a time (they don't do it, anyhow) -- shouldn't they be charged twice the rate, then? that is, ostensibly, what we're paying for, isn't it? rides up the lift?

i thoroughly enjoyed my day, in spite of all this. i imagine waiting in a long line for a t-bar to take me to the top of a 400ft hill made me a little more impatient w/ squads of line-cutters. it was more than an adequate day for me to remember how to ski.

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It's post like yours that make me so greatful I live out West. Thanks for making my day. Reading stuff like that just reminds me how good we have it our here. Most of the stuff we bitch about is getting only 6 inches of new powder to ski in instead of 12. The people for the most part are never part of the equation. Line cutting? I've never seen it once here. Never even crossed my mind.
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I’m not going to comment on the line cutting thing because everyone will just get worked up and won’t get anywhere. But snowboarders on T-bars is something I do know about.

Most snowboarders have never really worked out T-bars. I worked two seasons at a field that had nothing but t-bars and had a bit of time to think about this. It is best for snowboarders to ride with their back to the center bar (goofy on the left, regular on the right), so that when the board will naturally rotates to the heel edge they will push towards the other person. Unfortunately they always want the center bar in front of them, they try and pull away from each other, boards tangle, they fall and think the only solution is to ride alone.

The real solution, especially with beginners (skiers or boarders) is to gently push against them. They have to push back and in doing so put their weight on the outside ski, this keeps the gear separate. Think of a stable A frame structure. If you try and pull away, gear tangles and someone falls.
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Shoot em, skin em and hang their pelts on a barn or lift house in prominent display.

Those boards would make great taxidermy mounts for their heads.

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WOOOOOOOH! A little testy are we? :
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The only chair at Mammoth where I have seen habitual line cutting is Chair 6 and it is usually boarders. That happens to be the lift that most of the kids use to get into the terrain park. Cutting just does not seem to be a problem on the rest of the mountain.
I have used the pole tactic as well...If I have to wait in line so should they.
I have seen patrol pull tickets for cutting in the past.
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You should see my Samurai Ski Instructor routine ...... John Belushi of SNL would have been proud.

BTW...... line cutting was the dominant mode of interaction for the knuckle draggers this week. Those brats think they have some kind of diplomatic immunity. Not to pick on them but it was so blatant by the boarders, if there was a skier mixed in they were in such a minority as not to be noticed.
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This post & the singles line ettiquitte post make me wonder why y'all are not a little more assertive. If the lift op is not controlling the situation, control it yourself. Take command & others usually will take your commands as long as they feel you are being fair & impartial which I assume you will be.
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Haven't experienced this problem in Washington. Most of the time ppl are hanging back in the line waiting for friends so you have to scoot past them to get to the front of the line (mostly boarders "hanging out").

Honestly we've got so many high speed chairs the line goes very fast. Sometimes I think too fast - don't have as much of a chance to rest between runs. That's a good thing, right?
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