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Sorry, I didn't get a chance to take this for the LULZ it is worth earlier.

You are full of BS. That is all. If you've tuned thousands of skis in 15 years, you will have ground through a ski once or twice. Even if just because it was a ski that got brutalized in production after it came out of the mold. If not, I repeat, you are full of cowpie.
I repeat... A structuring stone is for laying down a linear(cold/dry) or cross-hatch(warm/wet) pattern in the base.That's why it's called a STRUCTURING stone! It's kind of like thousands of tiny, micro fingernail scrapes. It is not a process that is used to remove material (like after a p-tex or edge repair). If you want to get technical, it will remove tiny bit of material- the depth of a couple MICRONS. If you are using the finishing stone to grind skis, no wonder you have been grinding through skis. There is also no excuse to ever grind through any ski base. It is easy to tell if it should not be ground anymore!... just look at the thickness of the edge to see if there is enough ski left to actually tune.

You sound like someone who has the "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" syndrome. Go ask a grown-up who has experience and they will agree with me. I accept your apology in advance. Peace!