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My wife has not been able to get her Salomon Rush 8.0 boots comfortable after 2 years. She's also realizing that these boots may not have been the right boot for her ability. The shop where she bought them doesn't stock the top end of the expert range or race boots and gave her a deal on this boot, they didn't stock the 9.0 which she had tried elsewhere.

Anyway, she is 5'4" about 120lbs and an expert skier. Skis about 35 days per year, mostly at Killington with a mix of bumps, trees, and groomers.

The other day while I was in trying boots she decided to try a few as well. She was amazed by how comfortable and easy to get in and out of the Nordica Olympia 10's were. She questions first whether they are a decent expert boot since they are so comfortable (mental thing she thinks boots need to be painful to be good), or if they will pack out too quickly.

So, what is your experience with these boots can they transmit power when charging on hardpack at GS speeds? Do they keep you locked in in the bumps? Are they nimble in the trees? Do the pack out much more quickly than other boots?

She was a confirmed Lange girl previously and has somewhat regretted the move to Sollies.