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Belleayre, NY (first day out of season)-Dec-2-2007

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Well I got out on the on Slopes this sunday. I went solo to Belleayre, NY. Not a resort that I would go to during mid season when there's pleanty of snow around at other resorts (it's fairly small), but it was a great option given Crowds, # of trails open and of course Price. It's more of a family resort than it is of an expert skier resort.

Early Season Ticket for $37 With around 10 trails open and a Rail Park.

Drove 2.5-3 hours in crappy weather to get there but it was well worth getting my skis wet for.

There were No lift lines anywhere and it was great. I got around 15-20 runs in before my legs were cooked..( It was maily moguls so I was suprised my legs didn't give earlier, I guess the Gym does help)

The snow quality was great, I didn't hit any patches of ice, and it was bumpy (moguls on all of the upper section of the trails) and mainly packed powder everywhere. I was very impressed, I was expecting alot more ice.

I skied from about 10:30am till 2:30pm without a break. I was so excited to be out there I didn't care for lunch.

So I drove a total of around 6 hours for 4 hours of skiing and it was well worth it.

To sum it all up

1 tank of gas of 93 octane $50
1 early season ticket $37

Getting the chance to ski moguls and bumps for 4 hours in good snow conditions and no lift lines.. PRICELESS

picture shows the conditions..
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Nice, how do the improvements look? They put in a new lift and lodge didnt they?
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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
Nice, how do the improvements look? They put in a new lift and lodge didnt they?

This was actually the first time I ever went to Belleayre I usually go to hunter or wind. So I'm not sure which lift would be the new one.

there was a Quad Lift that I mainly took (this one looked newer) and a tripple (which was old and slow)..

the quad was nice, kind of up to par with hunter lifts..the tripple was awful, that thing takes forever to get up to summit..
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I was also at Bellayre on Sunday. What was open had excellent coverage and there was enough open to make a day of it. Was a great day.
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+1. Great day on Sunday - skied 9 am to 2:30 or so. Bumps were soft and nice; plenty of good skiing and not many people.

FYI all who are skiing Belleayre early season - save your tickets, they'll be good for freebies in March. Details: "~Buy a lift ticket through 12/09 then bring that lift ticket back during late season (March 17th thru closing) and receive a lift ticket of equal or lesser value for FREE" (see http://www.belleayre.com/promotions/featured.htm ) Late season at Belleayre is quite nice and went into mid April last two years I think, so I'm looking forward to that again.
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belleayre 9-dec-07

Made my first visit to Belleayre this Sunday, 9-Dec-07. Drove up from Tribeca in only 2:15, got my rentals, and was on the slopes before I knew it.

There weren't many runs open but those that were had good snow coverage. I skiied my first black run ever, and by the end of the day was feeling pretty confident on it - getting down without having to be 90 degrees to the fall line at all times.

A couple of really nice guys from ski patrol told me to check out the west side of the mountain which one had to take a bus to since the traverse run wasn't open. This was *glorious* as I had a reasonably long and nice blue run all to myself (like, literally) for over an hour.

The people there were incredibly nice as well. Just an outstanding day out.
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Looks really sweet. What I can see of it! JDC- I used to make the Tribecca drive up to Butternut in Mass (and beyond)- about four hours as I recall. Welcome to Epic. Now you'll have to come out West and get really hooked.
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