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ESPN WC Coverage

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Watched the women's WC races on TV this afternoon. Was ESPN's screw-up also done in other areas than the Northwest? Here they showed the women's SL first run and partway through the second run. On return from commercial they had switched to the last part of the womens second run GS. Then followed first run GS and the first part of the second run GS and then back to the last part of the SL. Not enough to endure Bob Beattie, but come on!! Some quality control should take place. Just venting..

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She is Great!


Can not wait to see her in SLC!
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Yeah, that was really screwed up. It was nice to see Kirsten Clark have a good run to build confidence. (She tied for the fastest second run with the eventual winner).

To ESPN - [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Yeah, I left the room "on the break" and when I came back, it was GS instead of SL. Had me wondering if I'd missed all of the second run of SL.

So when do we get to see the rest of the GS??????
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No kidding, That was confusing. I'm not really sure if I ever actually saw the end of either event, but at least they kept the runs rolling, and showed a lot of skiing. SL is looking a lot like GS if you ask me.

Totally impressive slopeload of women. Based on the history of WC television coverage in the U.S. I'm NOT gonna complain. We used to get a 1 hour show that showed a total of maybe 7 to 10 runs.
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It didn't bother me that much..... I was just happy to see some skiing.

Yesterday I made the trip to Radio Shack convert from cable to the RCA satelite dish so that I could get OLN and LOTS of race coverage. Nixed it when it was going to cost me $500 initial equipment and installation plus $40 extra per month. That was for the basic coverage no extra movie stuff.

Does any one know of other systems to access racing?
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Hey your TUBE dudes - OLN tonight! (not TUBE - You know TUBE =TV, sorry all you Boardbuddies)

Episode Chevy Truck Aspen Winternational - MGS : 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Episode Chevy Truck Aspen Winternational- WGS : 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Episode Chevy Truck Aspen Winternational - MGS : 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Episode Chevy Truck Aspen Winternaional- WGS : 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Episode Lake Louise, Alberta : 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Episode Lake Louise, Alberta : 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM
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It really screwed me up because I set my VCR to record according to the schedule. I got one hour of gymnastics and lost the second of skiing. Last year they cut out 15 minutes(including Shlopy's run) because a game ran over and they wanted to run Sports Center on time.
I wish they would just give it to OLN and quit spoiling it. :
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You're right. I noticed too that the women were skiing slalom like GS with both skis on the snow arcing from turn to turn (albeit tighter radius). It will be intersting to see if the men follow or if they will use more brute force. After watching that, I can't wait to get back on my slalom skis (Head WC) and try the softer approach. It surely looked more elegant than the big pops out of the turns you used to see.
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The coverage was confusing but I really appreciated the amount of runs I got to see. Normally ESPN productions are full of personality profiles and other filler with very little coverage of the actual event. They usually show just the big names & the US skiers. Yesterday, they didn't seem to have their act together but the final result was much more time spent showing skiing and much less Bob Beattie....I'll take that any day.
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Those were some tiny skis the women were on. Some couldn't have been more that 145's.
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The short skis add a new dimension to the sport. I haven't seen that many skiers have their skis shoot out from under them since when we were all trying to emulate Wayne Wong in the 70s.
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for those of us who do not get OLN from out local cable operator (BASTARDS!), does any one have the schedule for the rest of the season for ski racing on the major networks? or a link to a site that does would be great, thanks.
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Right Yuki!

That is the technology!

I was suprised though some skis were up to about forhead height. But they were GS so.

Those Rossi's are torsionaly STIFF and the sidecut WOW they do carve!

Smart SKIs!

Lazer Guided!

We need gun camera on these!

Love to see that hip drive push those babys out there and HANG an arc!

The Nords are giving the Swiss a run right now, hope it holds up in February!
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The shortest skis in this race was 150cm as it is the minimum length for the women. The men's minimum is 155cm, and for some of the really tall and powerful skiers really is short. Ski Racingpublished a TV Guide in the newspaper and I think you can find it on-line although I have not checked.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by riverc0il:
for those of us who do not get OLN from out local cable operator (BASTARDS!), does any one have the schedule for the rest of the season for ski racing on the major networks? or a link to a site that does would be great, thanks.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Here's a link to the US Ski team's site's schedule page, it lists the dates and the network covering the event...got to love OLN

US Ski Team Schedule
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thanks Rodney!!! i wish i knew about that site sooner so i didn't miss the race over the weekend. ski racing gets sooooo little coverage, especially for those of us without OLN (*sob* *sob*). it stinks when i miss even one race! now i won't, it's bookmarked.
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Ski Racing Magazine has a web site and they publish the schedule for most of the televised races...... OLN, ESPN etc.
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Correct Yuki,

Here it is;
Ski Racing Magazine On line
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Dr. Go

Isn't that the same address I gave?
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