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Boot Stretching

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I will be stopping at my local bootfitter today. I bought a used pair of 2006/2007 Size 26.5 Fischer Soma WC 130, the yellow ones. I skied in size 27 Head WC M103. I have a beefy foot. The Head's fit without any modification to the shell. Shell fit on the Heads about 3/4 inch. Shell fit on the Fischers is about 3/8 of an inch.

The Fischers are narrower in the toe box and have a lower instep. I am pretty sure that the toe box can be stretched to fit my foot. Can the instep also be stretched? I am guessing that I need another 3/8 to 1/2 inch in the instep.

I included the Head information to give you an idea of a boot that fits. I picked up the Fischer, because I want a stiffer boot. I am also partial to the name.

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3/8 to 1/2 instep room needed. that is a LOT, might be doable, but might look at another boot too?
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Met with the bootfitter. He actually thought th instep was ok, I may have to move the second buckle.

His inital assessment was that my 5th met had to be moved 3 pts on both inside and out. He also thought the inside of my foot by the arch had to be moved two points.

I am going to use Intuition liners. The shop does not mold them nor do they have much experience with them. He suggested that I mold the liners, then come back in for another assessment.

Two questions, should the liner be molded before shell work is done, and then molded after?

Is $160 a fair price for stretching the shell as described?

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My initial assessment of the instep was based on the stock liner and trying to buckle the boots. I had to stretch to get the second buckle to the first notch. Closing it obviously clamped down. That is why I estimated 3/8 to 1/2.
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First make any shell mods, then work with liner.

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That is what I thought.
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The bootfitter wanted me to mold the liners, so he could determine how much to stretch the shell.

How thin will an Intuition Power Wrap liner compress? How much room do you need between your foot and the shell?
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you want 0 - 3mm between the shell and the width of your foot, on each side

not sure on the intuition power wrap for volume..
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