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Big-Mountain Freeride skis for an 11 year old.

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I am looking for suggestions for a big-mountain freeride ski for my 11 year old son. He is an accomplished USSA racer, and I am looking to get a bit more ski for him for our several trips a year to the Rockies that the twin tips (Fischer Addict Jr) he beats about in when he isn't on his various race boards.

I've looked at the Mantra Jr, but I am concerned that the logest they come is 138. My Son is 5'2: and about 85 or 90 lbs. His Slalom skis are longer than that. I'm sure that they would be ok this year, but add another 2 inches and likely 10-15 lbs, and he'll be too bi for them.

I love my Mantras, hence the attraction of the Mantra Jr., but is there another good junior ski that may be better sized for him that is going to work well in the deep stuff for him, but still be skiiable on the groomers and in the crud?
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Maybe some atomic sugar daddy's in a 153? K2 public enemy's in a 159? Just get him an adult ski in the shortest length....mantra jr's are probably nowhere near the adult ski.
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I can't improve on the advice by Highway Star :

So, I'll second the motion. Your son is an accomplished skier with racing experience that can handle a properly sized adult ski. The softer PE in a 159 is a good idea. There are some skis on steep discounts in this size range that could be interesting, like the Line Invader.

Good luck, have fun with your son!
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At 85 pounds, I'd be reluctant to put him on a full-bore adult unisex ski. He will likely be unable to decamber them as necessary both for carving and to avoid submarining in powder. Unfortunately, the <150 adult women's powder skis will probably be too floral for an 11-year-old boy. Although I did enjoy this typo:

Originally Posted by Plot View Post
he'll be too bi for them
With that little bit of amusement out of the way, some suggestions.

My housemate's 12-year-old (short for his age) skied both the Rossignol Bandit Jr (106/70/90) and Scratch BC Jr (90mm waist?) in a 148 last year and loved them.

I'd also think about the brand-new K2 Bad Seed in a 139 or 149 (113/85/104). When sizing, bear in mind that K2s measure longer than most.

My daughter (4'11", 88 pounds, 10 years old) will be skiing the 143 Line Celebrity Mini (80mm waist) this year (and probably moving from the 136 K2 Apache Jr to the 146). The boys' version is the Invader Mini. 143 is the longest they go.
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I'd look at the Bad Seed, and I'd check out the Salomon 1080 Foil.
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You could also put him on a chick ski. A few strategically placed stickers and a little paint and your good to go.
My grom was on the 153 1080's, when he was around that size.
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post
You could also put him on a chick ski. A few strategically placed stickers and a little paint and your good to go.
My grom was on the 153 1080's, when he was around that size.
only advice better than HS in the thread.

Twins sidewall construction

159cm K2 Nancy 128-95-118
150cm or 160cm Rossi Scratch Girl 120-90-113(actually not that bad looking IMO)

sidewall construction directional

154cm Volkl Aura 130-94-113

the unisex 159cm Pe and 153cm sugar daddy could rip as well.

Just remember you son can use alot of force to bend the ski, and any of these shouldnt be out of realm of skiing.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
only advice better than HS in the thread.
Yeah -- love you too.

Yes, a women's ski would make sense. If he weren't 11. Not gonna happen.

Originally Posted by Marmot mb View Post
I might be biased here but.....
Dimensions are 100/65/87. Probably not the optimal choice. Although the old K2 Apache Jr (not this year's, which are basically rebadged Omnis), with similar dimensions, rip pretty hard as an all-mountain western junior ski.
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Actually there a quite a few skis out there that are made for kids that are your son's size.

The first one I would recommend from what you have posted is the Rossignol Scratch Brigade Pro. Its a 90mm waist and comes in 140, 150, and 160. I would say the 150mm would be the length you are after. Since he already would have race skis for groomer days, getting him something this fat is really going to give him a good "quiver" and let him rip powder like none other.

Other skis to consider that come in around a 150cm are the:

Rossi Scratch Ghetto Pro Ski
Scott Rebel Alpine Ski
Salomon Teneighty Flyer Alpine Ski

^These^ three have about an 80mm waist and are marketed as park skis but would work fine as an all mountain ski if you are looking for something a little narrower than the 90mm found on the Brigade Pros. These three also have a lower price point and can be found for around $300 new.

And last but not least, since he is a strong skier if you think he can handle a bit stiffer of a freeride ski(which I am sure he can) there are two more choices to consider that can be found in lengths he could use. One is the Volkl Ledge, and the other is the Salomon 1080 Thruster. These both have about an 80mm waist as well but are a going to perform best in crud and on hard snow. The Thruster can be found for about $450 retail, and the Ledge is about $650:
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I say go with the Fischer 207.


Your son will totally grow into that ski.

And by the time he does he should have some serious sponsorships locked up, to boot!

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+2 for Highway Star

When my son was 13 after 4 years in racing he bought Pocket Rockets in 165cm. He had no trouble skiing them. He was not much bigger then your son. With his skills he'll have a blast on a fat ski.

My son even impressed the coaches when he took them in the practice course one powder day as a J3. :
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Prepubescent males have a fair amount of muscle, not much fat, that 85 lbs translates to about 100 lb for an adult female. So no problem going with any unisex ski that a good light adult female skier would enjoy. Think Sollies, Rossis, Dynastars, anything that's lighter and shorter but still has a decent edge when he gets them over.

And those of you who think an 11 year old boy with experience racing will go for a woman's ski must not have boys. For better or worse, they're fully gendered and not into "girls' stuff" (think pinks or lavenders, dresses, let alone pastel flowers or curliques on skis) by the time they're 5 or 6. Is what it is.
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Hey Plot I saw the PEs in a 159 online for cheap when I was looking for skis PM me and I'll send you the link.
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There was a younger guy in this year's Warren Miller skiing the K2 Nancy. I think it would be a great choice as far as flex goes for a BC ski, especially given his weight. The foil is not a bad option either because it is a softer flexing ski. I think it is 85mm in the waist. That might not be big enough for a true BC ski.
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Thanks Guys-

I have a pair of 159 PEs waiting in the closet - they are a bit big for him right now.

I think I'm going to go with a pair of Fischer Villian Pro (110-80-110) in a 154. They are made as a tweener ski, and I think will work well. The Rossi Scratch Ghetto also looks like a great choice, but my local shop doesn't handle rossi anymore, and for a couple of reasons, I want to give the business to them if at all possible.

If anyone at Volkl is listening, what are you thinking making the 130 the longest length in the Mantra jr?

And to those who suggested a woman's ski, I agree it would make sense from a technical perspective. But once he found out he had a chick ski, they would never come out of the closet.
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Originally Posted by Plot View Post
If anyone at Volkl is listening, what are you thinking making the 130 the longest length in the Mantra jr?
I don't work for Volkl, but I can tell you what they are thinking:

"Let's take our base model Jr ski and put the adult graphic on it so Dad's who bought the Mantra for themself will buy the Jr. Mantra for junior."

It's nothing like the adult ski, it's just a graphic on a base level junior ski.
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I'm not sure about that, Whiteroom. I fondled a pair at a store last week. They've got an 80mm waist and sidewall construction. Perhaps you're thinking of the Tigershark Jr?

Oh -- and they go to a 138. Still seems short -- K2 made the Apache Jr in a 153 -- but a lot better than 130.
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re: Chick ski for boys

My son (9 at the time) last season broke his Troublemakers. So we went to the ski shop (I'll leave the name out...) and ended up buying a pair of Line Celebritys. He liked them a lot, especially the graphics.

Then I went online and discovered that was the girls model - the boys model is Invader (same exact ski but different graphics). So I called the ski shop owner, told him what happened. Even though the kids had already skied them for 2 days, he got a pair of the same ski in the boys version and swapped them for us the following weekend. He understood completely the dire situation - the kid (gasp!) skiing on girls skis? Never ;-)
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
It's nothing like the adult ski, it's just a graphic on a base level junior ski.

I agree. Lot's of the jr. skis are made on contract by other manufactures, cheap. They don't have nearly the quality of an adult ski.
That's why I said to put him on a chick ski. Lot's of them don't have girly graphics. Something like the Rossi B4w or B3w look just like the guys skis.
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I'm just past having an 11 yr old boy skier. I recommend looking for something in the 150's size with 85 - 95 under foot. Rossignol makes by far the most models of skis that fit these criteria, B-3, B-4. These skis are widely available as near new demos and last yr models at 50 - 60 % off, which may help with a growing boy, and new they are very cool but pricey. These skis are fairly soft and very, very turny.
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You might consider the Line Anthem. It is 93mm underfoot and is dramatically softer and lighter that all the adult models that have been suggested except the Line Celeb. It is more of a "tweenager" flex. The shortest length available is 161 but it would flex waaaay easier than say a PE or a Solly Gun. They have a unisex graphic and are also much less expensive that most of the adult skis mentioned.

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Thought I would circle back following a week in Big Sky.

As I said earlier, we ended up going with the Fischer Villian Pro in a 154. The bindings were mounted a bit back of the centered mounting marks on the ski.
With an 80mm waist they provided plenty of float for my 85 pounder in the powder stashes we found, were turney enough for him to snag a platinum in a tight Nastar course, and stiff enough to let him ski The Dictators in some awful conditions on the top of Lone Peak at Big Sky.
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You might also consider a tele/AT ski -- softer flex for the lightweight kid without girly graphics. My 14 y/o beanstalk boy is skiing a Fischer tele ski with alpine bindings as an "all mountain" ski -- a softer BigStix with same dimensions -- and loving it.

EDIT - whoops / DUH / just noticed the OP already made his choice (and a good one it sounds) and was reporting back - never mind.
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Too late to the party to have much input here, but FWIW, my son is 13, 4'11" and weighs around 90lbs. Last spring I got him some 150 Rossi Scratch BC's (the kids version). He loves them and totally rips in the off-piste. 90mm underfoot means his weight to surface area ratio is probably as good as mine on my 195 Praxis (I weigh 190). There are three mounting points printed on the skis. We went with the middle one and it works since he only rides switch sometimes.
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