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Boot last widths

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I understand that most full-on race lasts are 'B' width or less.

Higher performance lasts, ie, retail race, hover about 'C' width (98mm).

Are there any 'D' width lasts? I'm not talking superwide, like the older head 103 or Nordican Beast, let's say between 98-100mm?

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100mm boots

nordica speed machine
Salomon Impact
Lange Fluid

not much i can think of in 99mm but i am bound to have forgotten something
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Or, any 98mm boot can be made a 100mm boot lickety split!
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Head RS 90,110, S8,9,10,11,12,13, All of these are 103mm in std form but are 100 mm with the FCS installed.

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Head Raptor 120 and Mojo XP are 98mm.
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Atomic Race tech CS series boot is a 98 mm last. Available in 110 and 130 flex. The Free Ride boot is the same boot, just a different color with their flex's filling in the gaps in the RT CS line, 100 and 120. Both have plenty of material to grind and stretch as well.
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Ho ho ho!

Anyone know about Tecnica diablo pro, or Salomon falcon?
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Race pro is 98mm

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I tried the technica on last weekend. It was the closest fitting boot I've ever experienced: a wicked tight toe-box that started to relax in a few minutes and two pressure points at the top of the heel, either side of the achilles, but a bit lower. It looks like there are some indentations in the boot at that point. An amazingly close fit everywhere. OTOH, I'm not sure that my ankles could move in it -- much like a cast.
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