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Met Head Problem

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I work with a bootfitter, he's doing his best and my problem still isn’t solved. My puzzle is already taking a new twist this year. Maybe you guys can shed some light for me. I’m a Level I hoping to get to Level II this year, I teach in a Midwest ski school and get out a lot on my own. My overall goal is to be able to put my boots on in the morning and wear them relatively pain free all day. I’ll never continue my development without an all day solution. Vital stats are 47yo, 6’2”, 235 Left foot needs to be in a 29, right foot needs a 30.

Here’s the real issue. The first met head on my right foot is about 2.5 times the size of the met head on the left due to arthritic calcification and it continues to slowly grow. My doctor says live with it or have surgery. I’m not gonna have surgery at this point.

So this year I’ve been using the Atomic M110 which is a quality boot that seemd great early on but getting that right foot in with the enlarged met head is getting to be a big problem. I had my fitter make some new footbeds for the boot and have been using those. The problem is that the toe box is not tall enough. The shell and liner combination put pressure on the met head vertically to the point that I don’t last long. Unfortunately, the met head sits just below a buckle so I’m not sure how much we could grind there. Yesterday I took the custom footbeds out and put the stock Atomic footbeds back in and seemed to have more room as the stock beds are really nothing in the forefoot area.

Is this my solution ? Dumping the custom footbeds because they raise me up in the toebox higher than I can tolerate ? I lose some alignment modifications by dumping the custom beds. The left boot is OK with the custom footbeds. Or do I need to look at a boot with more vertical space in the toebox ? About two years ago one of the other fitters in the shop recommended the Speedmachine 14 but I shyed away from it as the fit seemed cushy and it is one of the larger 30’s around. Maybe that was my mistake given my right foot issue.

Thanks for your time guys.
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Ok there are several things that can be done to give you more space in the toe box assuming that you are happy with the fit of the rest of the boot
BTW the M110 has a pretty deep toebox in the first place IMO

1] thin down the forefoot of the custom footbed
2] stretch the shell over the problem area
3] [and you will like this one] remove the liner and then take out the piece of plastic/foam junk which they claim is the base board, you need to pull up on the little black plug to remove it, then either grind out the material under the met head or cut off the board behind the met heads, bevel to a thin edge and replace the rear section in the boot [this in itself will give you 3 or 4mm of height]

hope this helps
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Great advice CEM and I would add, consider an Intuition custom liner? after the above mods have been made.

Whatever you do, do it ASAP as ignoring this irritation will cause it to grow larger and larger and your season will be doomed to pain and discomfort.

Remember "your boot is a tool not a jewel", so don't be afraid to cut and stretch and do whatever it takes to get comfy!
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Thanks guys. I think I'll split that boot baseboard behind the met head and grind the bottom of the foot bed in small measured doses and try again this weekend. No hesitation on my part to let the plastic fly if that's what it takes.

I've got a pair of Intuition Power-Wraps in the closet but the toe-box fit in that right boot with the afflicted met head is tight enough that I can't imagine getting that liner in there and then my foot...
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once you have done the base board and footbed mods there should be no problem getting the intuition liner in there, it will probably need to be re- heated with some padding over the affected area to give more space but this is simple to do
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CEM, thanks for the guidance. Toebox comfort much improved this weekend. Any hints on how a guy can "soften" the flex on the M110 a little. After studying it last night it looks like a little dremeling on that second buckle strap from the top might be the first step ?
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Doing as you suiggest is one way then...remove one of the two bolts on the back, now i can't remember which one as i don't have the boot in front of me... it should be but it should be the one which goes through the hole rather than the one whioch goes through the slight slot, leaving the slot will allow more flex.

cutting some of the flange off the T nuts of the same bolts can also help this will stop the insert going through both the clog and the cuff, and only then going through the clog, again a little more flexion is available...... there are various bits of plastic which can be cut out to increase the flex but these are mostly best done by a bootfitter
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