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Dumping in Maine

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OMG, it's dumping!!!

Days like this make me wish I took the profit from the sale of my home and moved West to be a ski bum!!

Anyway, it looks like Sugarloaf will get 20" plus. It's cold, 17 degree's, so the quality of the snow is off the charts. I am an hour south of the 'loaf and it's coming down at 2" an hour.

The snow Gods are surrounding me and I hear Burl Ive's singing Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

It's a glorious day in New England!!!::
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Every damn time! It always dumps the week after/week before I'm home.

Save some for me, I'll be back the week of Christmas...

Where are you an hour south of the Loaf? It takes me about 1.75....
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I miss home (the 'Loaf)
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