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Trying to decide between Volkl AC40 or 30 or Salomon Hurricane or Tornado

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I'm finally buying a new pair of skis after renting up at Whistler last few years. I'll probably end up doing 60/40 to 50/50 groomed/powder at Whistler, Baker, Stevens, Crystal. Local shops recommended these four. Which should I go with? I'm about 160lbs, 5'6" male in mid 30s. I skiied from high school years until my mid/late 20's at which point I picked up snowboarding. I did that for a few years until I decided to go back to skiing 5 years ago. I want a one quiver ski that I can take anywhere, groomed front to backside powder/crud. I want to be able to make quick turns. I prefer skis that are not too heavy. I forget which model but I once tried a pair of Salomon's at Whistler and they weighed a ton and it was a workout just making turns. I checked out the above Salomons and it seemed they're alot lighter now. Any recommendations? TIA.
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If you thought Sollies weighed a ton, a Volkl would send you to the hospital. Salomons, especially a year (or three?) ago were/are known for their light, nimble nature, not super stable; Volkls then and now are beefy and smooth, not nearly as forgiving. I have a feeling that part of what you experienced was your own rust with skiing. Try some demos, at least get clear on which general type of skis you like and why. If you think you prefer lighter skis, and ski in the NW, recent Salomons (esp Fury), Fischers (AMC 79 or Watea 84), Dynastars (Legend 8000) are three brands that fit the bill. Think about something in the high 80's-high 80's mm waist range.
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haha actually, i tried on the salomon the day after i tried atomic c9's. this was back in....2002? i think back then salomon was trying to market various fat skis and i happened to rent one of them. anyways, i noticed that new sollies are now lighter than volkls. but they're wider than volkls. if volkls were same weight as sollies, i'd jump all over them but their weight is kinda holding me back. i did check out watea 84 and i like their weight but the old school graphics is turning me off(i know, i shouldnt judge on looks alone but...). anyways, a guy at REI told me I should go for 78-82mm waist or so based on my preference? btw, i'm trying to buy a pair before i go upto whistler in couple weeks. unfortunately the free demo days that are being held at steven and crystal are happening on the same wknd so i wont be able to demo these. whistler does have tornado so i may just rent a pair when i get up there.

add'l input appreciated. thanks.
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Boy....apples and oranges.

AC-40: 82mm waist, stiff agressive ski, superb on hard snow OK in soft.
AC-30: 76mm waist, stiff agressive ski, even better on hard snow, but worse in soft.
Hurricane: 84mm waist, softer easy going ski, light and nimble, Good in light soft stuff, OK in heavy soft, fair on real hard snow.
Tornado: 75mm waist, little stiffer and more energetic than Hurricane, light and nimble, OK at everything.

I think that the previously mentioned Watea 84 would be a great choice but if the fashion police vote it down....look at the '08 Fury. It's equally good if not better than the Watea.

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AC 30- all nountain, all condition ski
Ac 40- More for powdder, wider same binding and piston as in the Ac-30
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DC, unclear what you mean by new Sollies being lighter but wider than Volkls. All major companies market widths and lengths that compete with each other. That's how they stay in business. So there's a 82 mm Volkl and a 84 mm Fischer and a 85 mm Sollie (differences in waist width per se here are trivial), there's a 96 mm and 105 Volkl and a 94 and 99-101 mm Salomon, etc. Same for other brands. Issue generally IS NOT whether a specific company makes a particular width, but which brand gives you the feel and performance you seek.

All that said, if you HAVE to buy before you demo, I'd suggest a Fischer or Salomon in 84/85; they will have more float than the 79-82 range, still will carve nicely when needed, and will be light, which fits your stated prefs and size.
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Ok, I'm back from my Whistler trip. I actually demo'd Salomon Tornado and Volkl AC 30 when I went up. Tornado was actually alot more responsive and better on both powder and groomed runs. Carving was almost effortless and easier to control. AC30 on the other hand required more effort and carving wasn't nearly as fun. Perhaps it was b/c it had snowed more overnight and I was somewhat sore from the previous day. But I had less fun on AC30 than on Tornado. I'll try to demo the other 2(Hurricane and AC40) soon and report my findings. Thanks guys for your rec's.
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I have no experience on these yet, but you might want to try the Nordica Afterburner. It is a mid-wide that is kind of like a more flexible AC40. It should be between the Salomons and the Volkls you are looking at. You could think of it as a softer AC40 or a firmer/wider Tornado.
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