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New season, new note

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"A new season, a new note".

Well folks, we're gettin close. For most of us, the ski season begins in about 90 days, give or take a few.

I got my Utah trip done and I'm now in the beginning of my training for ski season. Which is my politically correct way of telling myself;

"Hey SCSA. Ski season is just about here. Put down the bong, start buying more Cliff Bars and less Coors.

"RustyUnderscoreGuy has been training all summer. Word is out that he's lost weight and is looking lean and mean. Juan Pierre will make his annual trek to the home office. Not only will he be broke, like last time, he's gonna be in even better shape - ya better watch out. Then there's Barnes. The guy has been too nice and I'm sure he's setting me up for the big score - when he shows up and tries to kick my a$% one day.

"Then there's the Utah trip. You're driving into a hornets nest, bro. Lotsa great skiers hang out at the Bird and Alta and you better have it goin on, else, you lose.

"And, there's few Bears that'll be there too. You better think, that some of them will be watching. You better produce or HH will never speak to you again."

yuk yuk yuk.

So has everyone received their copy of Ski and Skiing? Let's critique some of the pictures there. I for one found very few pics that I'd consider to be "good skiing".

What does everyone else think? Hard to tell a lot from one picture, but we can still talk about them. To make things easier, include the mag. name and the page number the pic is on.


Hope to see many of you in Utah for the Bears Gathering!


Training starts now, folks. It'll be snowing before long.



[ August 14, 2002, 01:24 PM: Message edited by: SCSA ]
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Just got Skiingg. Haven't read the whole thing yet, but I must admit the leg workout is DY- NO- Mite!
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SCSA, there you go again setting up the stage for excuses just in case you don't measure up in Utar. Nawh, come to think of it, you are more likely setting the stage so that people will hopefully underestimate you and be dazzled by you're expertise. The fallback is the excuses, just in case.
Broke? I like skiing the way it use to be in the 60,s and early 70's before the corps took over and cleaned up the beer and peanut shells off the lodge floor. Traveling on a shoestring is my way of reclaiming some of that nostalgia. After all, we aren't allowed to ski down the hill any more with a pitcher of beer in hand from the lodge.
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Just buy bottles and put them in your pocket! They taste almost as good and accomplish the samething.

[ August 14, 2002, 08:57 PM: Message edited by: Tom Burch ]
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Hey there Mr. Burch! Long time! Hope life is treating you well?
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Your new note should be to ski with your frickin' feet a little further apart, and stop skiing like a wuss!
The flaming you received over at Pow was entertaining, however. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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c'mon, Dirt... share with us.
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Hey, SCSA,
How about replying to your PMs sometime!!!

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um I have my first ever Pilates class on Tuesday ... um yep it is only 4 months away to the majestic mountains of Colorado where the body gets subjected to a new set of rythmns so time to hit the "oh my god its the gym" again.

Note for the coming season.

Smile & Blend & don't say no .....

find floor space in "da bird" cause I heard SCSA is going on an Adventure in them parts.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Way to Go, OZ!!!! Let me know if you have questions. Also, when the instructor teaches "The 100" ask what the purpose of the exericse is. If they cannot explain it, you may need to look elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure that someone with your sense of professionalism made a careful choice! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well ya se LM I find myself working in an anthill on a 12-week contract and compooter work and ski fit just do not compute. Today I found a huge "ultragym" around the corner with Pilates classes at lunchtime 4 days a week. I figure on swim, gym & pilates staggered over lunch times and then be bad on the weekends. I paid up front so bring it on. The pilates will be interesting. I watched a class today and it looks like my kind of "rest day" workout.

Yes it was your posts that inspired me to try Pilates as part of the regime.

Monday is Day 1. I will keep you posted on the experience. Lets hope we work up from 1 to the 100 exercise ... I have no idea!

Oz :
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I got your wuss right here.
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My prediction, Oz. Within 2 years of studying, you will want to train to be a pilates instructor in thw "off season"! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Actually, this is what Oz does in the off season. :
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He designs pages that can not be displayed?!
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yes, and he's the best.
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Sorry, the auto censor prevents the link from working. It's "puppetry of the p-nis".
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