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Another 'which ski' thread

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Sorry to bore you all again with another 'which ski to choose' thread. I live in Australia and at the tender age of 40 I am off in Feb on my 1st ski trip to the US. Along with a work colleague we are skiing for 10 days at Tahoe.

I am using the opportunity to justify getting some new skis. My old skis are straight planks that havent seen snow for 10 years. I have been renting skis but went for a fair few years without skiing at all (had kids etc). Skis I've tried/demoed were Dynastar legend 4800's, Head Monsters. Preferred the monsters. I am a male, 40 yo weigh about 200 lbs, height 5 ft 10. I am probably a high intermediate skier. OK on the groomers, get into trouble with different snow conditions or challenging terrain (trees, very steep etc). I'd like to get skis that I can grow into as I improve. I like to go fast but I guess my definition of fast might not be up to what some of you guys expect.

Skis will be cheaper in the US than they are here and I have been shopping around online. Problem is that shipping to Aus is so expensive. I thought therefore that I could find skis already in tahoe (or on the way), buy them and then pick them up on the way. Options I've found so far are:

K2 apache recon
Nordica Modified
Nordica Speed Machine Mach 3 (bit expensive for my budget but maybe stretchable)
Blizzard Cross Mountain Pro
Salomon: X-Wing 6

I've been reading and researching all of the above and the Hot Rod Modified/Overdrive seems like a good option. I know my best bet would be to demo all of these, but time is limited and so is my budget. I need to get some closeouts/last year's model etc to make it possible. I've found doable options for the above skis.

I will use the skis obviously on the trip to Tahoe. Obviously they will then come home with me to Australia. I'd love to be skiing deep Pow and leaping off cliffs etc but neither my ability nor Australian ski resorts will probably allow me to do either. Realistically I will probably ski mostly groomers with the odd foray off piste. maybe 70-30 or 80-20 depending on global warming!!!

Any advice much appreciated.
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I am close to you in size and ability. I ski the Dynastar Legend 8000 which is much closer to the Head Monster than is the 4800, and it is likely to be cheaper than the Head skis. I ski mostly Tahoe and have found the 8000 to be a great ski for the Tahoe crud that all the groomers turn into by mid-day.
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From your list........

Modified = Good choice
Recon = Good Choice
Wing 6 = Pass, that's a cheap ski
Mach 3 = Great ski though very much of an on trail specialist
Bilzzard = Can't say

I'll second the nomination of the Legend 8000.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I'll go for the modified, better fits my budget, sounds exactly like what I'm after, seems to get great reviews and I've found somebody selling a pair right where I'm going (so i can pick them up when I get there).

Only question I had from the reading/research is that the modified has been replaced by the overdrive in the 08 lineup. Was there a 07 modified? because I have seen 07 overdrives for sale. Was there a modified and an overdrive in the 07 lineup or are the overdrives I've seen more likely to be 06 models?

Legend 8000s sound great too but unfortunately logistics is a big part of it for me. I am travelling 1/2 way around the world and if I mail order skis/stop off on the way to pick them up/get them posted to my hotel etc I am adding complexity and a chance for something to go wrong. I've found a shop near where I'm staying that can sell me a set of overdrives and set them up for me when I get there. Could get them cheaper on eBay or online shops but only just and then i have the added complexity of meeting up with the things on the other side of the world. Early season closeouts will be gone by late Feb when I get there and I also dont want to head off on an overseas ski trip to shop around in ski shops when I could be out skiing.

I was tempted by the speed machines but I'd have to stretch the budget to get them. Like so many others I'm after the 1 ski quiver as I normally only make it for 5-10 days a season (this year maybe 20) and Australia is notoriously unpredictable for snow.
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There was the Modified, Eliminator, and OD last year. The two top models, (Mod and Eliminator) were discontinued for this year. The OD remains and is good for it's price, but it's not on a par with the Mod. or Eliminator.

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