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New Names Scoring

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Leanne Smith was 19th (wearing 45) in the SG today at Lake Louise to back up her 23rd in DH yesterday. She's been meteoric since she was named to the team in spring 06. Wishing her good health.
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It is really great to see new names from the US popping up on both the men's and women's side. The depth of the US men's team was shown quite well this past week as well. I'm glad to see that the team is no longer about one or two people, but the team itself. Its great to see the team having the capability of having several skiers on the podium.
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Bode ... will be replaced by ... Andy

One of Greg's NY brethren ....
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I remember seeing him race as a J4(maybe as a special 5) and he was hot back then.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Bode ... will be replaced by ... Andy

One of Greg's NY brethren ....
There's a younger one too...
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Andy's downhill run

There's a posted video of Andrew Weibrecht's 10th place run in the downhill this week (skiing from a bib number half way to three digits.) Wicked aggressive, and the crowd ooohs when it looks like he's going to come apart on one the jumps near the end--he does nearly a daffy split only to pull it together by the landing (a little over 58 seconds into his run)

I love how he keeps jamming his hands forward whenever possible and how he skis right on the edge of crazy. And talk about a wicked difficult course....

BTW, the video purports to have been posted by the USST, and for a while there was a link to it from
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