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Need Gloves, Helmet, Jacket, and Poles

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Well i posted here a good many months ago about which skis to get and i ended up purchasing some fischer amc 73's along with tecnica boots. I got a great deal on them, but i never got around to purchasing gloves, jacket, helmet, and poles. Now im leaving the 16th for snowbird, UT and i need to get stuff ordered or ill be freezing my butt off. If you guys could suggest some particular products i would appreciate it. I don't exactly have time to do a bunch of research so im reaching out to you guys.

-No clue

-Thinking Patagonia Primo or something Arcteryx

-Leki Composites> which ones?

-Want something comfortable
Pro-Tec Descent
is on sale right now for $34 on sierrasnowboard anyone like this helmet?
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Gloves: I currently use some North Face gore tex gloves I have had them a couple of years. I can't remember the model name. They have been ok but not the best. I wish they had a removable liner. They are starting to rip between the thumb and index finger. I have heard good things about the Hestra gloves and the Black Diamond guide glove. I will prolly get one of these next.

Jacket: Patagonia and Arcteryx make good stuff I also like Cloudveil. My favortie Jacket is a North Face Mountain Guide that I have had for several years. I think the high end North Face stuff is still pretty good the low end stuff- well not so much. IMO Gore tex is well worth the added cost.

Poles: Leki compsites are great I have two pair and a pair of Scott composites. The Scotts have big powder baskets on them. Any of them get the job done. Sometimes I even use my old scotts that are 20 years old and they still work fine albeit bent and scratched.

Helmet: I think you really need to do some personal work on this one. Go try a bunch on. They all fit slightly different. If you can't find any where your at wait and pick one up when you get to Salt Lake. I like the ones with soft removeable ear flaps. Other people like the hard ones. Like I said it's best to try them on and see what fits your melon best. I am using a Giro Fuse right now and really like it. Had a cheaper Giro and it was just so-so.

Hope you have an enjoyable trip. At least we are finally getting some snow. Hope it keeps coming.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I guess ill hold off on the helmet till i get out there. Anyone know of a good deal on poles right now? I will take a look at the mountain guide jacket.
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Backcountryoutlet.com, levelninesports.com, REIoutlet.com all have good prices on poles if you can find what you want. I also got an email saying you can get 20% off one item at REIoutlet.com until Dec. No code needed.
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There are many discount / close out stores that have some very fine ski wear and since not too many people know about it, they just sit there.

Example at TJ Max and Marshalls:

Boeri, Leedom helmets
Smith, Uvex, Bolle goggles
Reusche, Spyder and many other good brand gloves.
Spyder, Timberland, Columbia and other brands tops and bottoms (all layers)
Boot gloves (just bought 3 of these $12/ea)
They even have snowboards and snow shoes!
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I just purchased the Hestra vertical Freeride gloves and they are awesome, incredible fit, super grip on my ski poles (K2 5 series, btw they are great poles), plus they are easily the nicest gloves I have ever had, the finish and attention to detail is vastly superior to any other glove, I have seen.

As for jackets, check out Karbon, their stuff is just as good or better than anyone else on the market and they are alot less than Spyder and The North Face high-end lines.
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Watch www.steepandcheap.com and act quickly.
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My .02:
-I have found leather gloves to be the best for warmth. I have a pair of Burton gloves. I think they are RPM gloves. Check out the leather ski gloves at kinco.com

I like Mountain Hardware and Burton AK.

-Leki with trigger grips--if not go with a pair of K2 Poles

-helmet--Giro G10, G9, or Fuse (it depends on which one fits your head the best) Smith also makes a good helmet.
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