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Stowe - March 2008?

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Hi Guys,

Greetings from Ireland!

Just toying with a week in Stowe in mid-late March with 4 adults and 3 kids.

Grateful for any info about suitability for families, lodging, skischool (for the kids), eating out, the drive up from Boston etc.......

The dads ski anything with snow on it, the mums will be taking it easy drinking coffee and the kids are beginners. 1st time to ski in US for everyone but me (Skied Colorado with Uncle Louie, Bong & Jgiddyup)

Thanks for any advice/opinion you can provide.

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if you're planning on stowe, there's plenty to do. ben and jerry's, stuff in town- the resort itself is spread out a bit, but there's plenty to do, and mid-march is peak snow.

but i must say, if you're going with families, smuggler's notch is the best place to go hands-down.

skiing terrain- the two upper mountains have varying terrain, with some serious steeps/trees and backcountry for the adventurous, and nice cruisers for intermediates and novices.

they have a lower mountain- near the self-contained base village with two lifts (one runs half speed) for beginners.

it was my favorite vacation as a kid- a great village- with indoor pools, activities for kids of all ages and inclusive programs that run through the night time if you want adult-only time. there's a few good restaurants, pizza joint and pub. plus a general store. cross country skiing, sleigh rides, snowshoeing trips to burlington and montreal through the resort, etc etc.

it's really a primo place- you can get 3-4 bedroom condos that can sleep 12 or so (my parents had a very nice, clean 3 bedroom timeshare- big screen TV, bunk room, sofa beds and the like slept around 12 people if you wanted)

check it out.
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thanks for the info. I had looked at smuggs in the first instance, but none of the UK travel operators do packages to it so it was going to have to be an independent trip.
Unfortunately, when you add it all up the Stowe option was best value by a long way (along with Tahoe - go figure! - but that flight was far too long with three young kids)
So Stowe it is... maybe a day in Smuggs would show me what we're missing :-)
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OK you ESA guys - info info info!
What's there to do, where's the best skiing - glades, steeps, bumps & powder?
Town stuff - eating drinking (the wife's coming too - shopping?)
Have a great ESA, but please feed us back some info - I'm really excited to be taking my 9 & 7 year old kids on their first ski trip!
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