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Black tonail==?

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I have a pair of technica hvl 10 size 26.5. I had a boot fitter expand the width a litte on both boots. But my Left toenail is very purplish color from the toe banging the front of the boot. Is there any thing I can do to prevent this. I lost that toenail before due to that same issue. I already don't wear socks to prevent width issues so that is not the problem. I also have a sure foot insole in place. Really I almost cant even put pressure on the big toe. So I cant even walk normal. If I need to post any more info just ask and I can. Just want to know the reason why it bangs into the boots and how to fix it.

Thanks In advance.
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why is it purple: it is hitting the front of the boot.

why is it hitting the front of the boot?

1) your boots are too small, and the toe touches the front. solution: make more room in the shell/liner for your toe

2) your boots don't offer enough heel hold down so your foot can move forward and hit the front of the boot. solution: pad the boot up to hold your heel back.
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I know when I am standing and look down I can see my toes pressing up against my the front of the boot. BUT thats not when it hurts, Its when I am landing from a jump or skiing hard through moguls. I don't know if that helps at all.
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Sounds like your in the back seat a bit in those kinds of conditions.
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I agree with Jdoyal, it sounds like maybe a tongue shim or some padding to hold your heels back better is in order. In your quest to get a boot wide enough you may have also got one with too much volume around the heel instep parameter which is allowing your foot to slide forward when you get back a bit.

having your fore/aft alignment looked at may also help with the problem by getting you in a better stance.
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So what is the best route to fix this?
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#1 join us in Aspen at ESA boot camp and we'll get you fixed up
#2 find a good boot fitter and get r done.
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Any reconmendations for a boot fitter around Northern Indiana?
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I am in the Chicago burbs. Call me at the shop and we can set up and appointment.
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Im heading up north to Michigan this weekend Is there any boot fitters up there that can help me.
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Where in IN are you? I am not far (30 min) from Hammond area and I can help you. Open till 9 tues and thurs.
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Near Ft Wayne Indiana
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Well I know it's a pretty long haul from there, but I know I can help . If you get up this way give me a call and I'll get you in. Sorry I can't help with a fitter in MI. Maybe drop Trekchick (I think that's her S/N) a pm, she is from up that way.
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Is there any other options that I can do at home like shimming or a special buckling technique to prevent movement. Ill shoot trekchick a pm.
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