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Ski season in the midwest is finally here!! Yesterday, I made the pilgrimage up north to the little town of Kewaskum. A winter weather advisory had been issued earlier in the day, and I ran into the snow around West Bend. The staff had been making snow full throttle for over two weeks, and the coverage on all the runs was suprisingly good. Even the runs that were not open were covered enough that people who didn't care about their gear skied them and didn't hit any rocks. I stayed on the open runs and did not see a single bare spot on any open run. High winds and snow kept most people off the hill. Most snow was instantly blown off the runs by the wind but it drifted at the top of the hill and on one run. And due to the lack of crowds, I got a rare Wisconsin powder day (ankle deep in most places) with my tracks being the only ones I crossed run after run. I was testing out a new pair of twintips that I recently bought and I discovered the pleasure of switch powder skiing. It was a great way to start off the season.: Think snow!