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boots for small woman

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Hi There,

I am new to EpicSki. I have been researching and looking through the forums the past couple days and decided that I would finally post and ask you all for help. I am looking for boots and getting back into skiing after snowboarding and nordic skiing exclusively as my winter sports for a few years. Went to a shop, actually where I work, and got fitted, but I am not totally confident in the boot and have been getting so much advice from so many coworkers that I just want to start with a clean slate. I am hoping that I can give you all some information and get a recommendation on where you would have me start looking/trying things on because I feel like I have gone down a very clouded path right now :-)

I am 23yo, 5ft2in, 105-110lbs depending on the day it seems, pretty athletic but not a crazy aggressive skier, looking to go all over the mountain, but not ski bumps. I would call myself an advanced skier (more towards the intermediate side of advanced right now since it's been a few years, but with some more time on the mountain and getting into things, I would say true advanced, but not expert).

Street shoe is a 7, have been 22-23? I have a narrow heel, flat foot, pretty neutral positioning, not really bony per se, but not a lot of padding in my foot. I want a boot that is supportive, but I am lightweight, would like it to help me carve, hold an edge on hardpack/ice here in VT conditions, but not be super stiff. My shins are pretty sensitive because they are SO close to the skin, easily bruised. Will probably get an intuition liner to go in the boots and aline footbed.

I have been told that I can't have a boot with too much forward lean (though my shop can straighten/stand up boots a bit if needed) due to the fact that I have a pretty close to 90deg angle at the ankle when balance on ball of foot with knees locked out...this is what my shop guys had me do, hopefully it's correct and applicable testing.

What direction should I go with boots? Any model suggestions?

Thank you thank you thank you for any help you can offer.
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With the info you have given, it sounds like you may have limited dorsiflexion?? Though better tests are available for dorsiflexion range of motion. If this is the case a boot with alot of forward lean is not a good thing for you. You should be looking at a net forward lean closer to 10 degrees than 18? This means you will probably need heel lifts to open the ankle joint to allow your heel to seat well and be able to pressure it as well. The forward lean adjustment on your boot (if it has one) should probably be as straight up as you can get it.

Judging from your other input, perhaps you should try the Dalbello Krypton Storm with the ID liner. This is a narrower boot (b width) that comes with the Intuition liners and has a large degree of adjustability for flex and forward lean. It skis great and everyone I have sold a pair to has been very pleased with how it fit and skied!

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other tiny, narrow boots (not sure on what the F lean, and combined leans are)

lange HP fit in a size. this should be a 262mm

Salomon falcon in a 22.0 or 265mm (both jr and adult flexes)

what boots have you tried on that you can flex? what boots are too stiff?
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The 22 sounds better to me? Intuition liners do not expand to fill voids when molded, they only compress at pressure points.
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Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate it. It's amazing how you bootfitters just know what types of boots to go for with certain types of feet. So much has changed since I was skiing and back then I was pretty young so didn't really care much about mechanics, though I probably should have! Anyway, that's actually the boot that they had me in, well, the Lotus actually, because we didn't have the Storm in my size, but same last and everything.

The guys at my shop have been great and totally willing to go the distance for me. We put some shims to bring the heel up and we threw an intuition liner in it, unmolded, but my concern is that the 23 feels too big (I feel a lot of room around my toes, like air above them, but that is without the liner being molded and I guess once I get the right footbed in there it will be different) and the 22 (which we had in a Storm but not a Lotus) is wicked small with toes crunched. With the intuition liner all molded and footbed in to take up space, I am hoping we can probably make the minor modifications to make me feel like the 23 is not too big. I guess that is what is making me doubt the boot. Otherwise, all of the mechanics of it and why it would work for me does make sense and I trust what they are saying because I have seen them do a lot of good work for other people. Still, it's nice to have an "outside" opinion confirm this, so thank you.

Another boot that was considered was a Dobermann Team 80, which was thrown out due to the forward lean, although some coworkers are saying we could straighten it. Has a much tighter feel holding my heel but maybe that would change with a different liner anyway.

Those are the only two I tried on. Once my forward lean was assessed, we really zeroed in on the Kryptons because of adjustments. I know I can flex both of those boots, however.

Thank you for your assistance!

Oh, also I read in Skiing's gear guide that the Lotus "disengaging from the carve to feather" I know gear guides aren't worth much and it's all about what fits each person, but what does that mean? It also says that it is slow to initiate turns, but I heard that even though the boot is soft flexing, it is really laterally stiff so will not be hard for me to get on edge???
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How tight is too tight in the toe area? I apologize, this is basic stuff that I should know. I understand that it's not uncommon for boots to be uncomfortable in the shop, I always see our boot guys give people a friendly warning, but I guess I am having trouble making that judgement as to what is acceptable and will be able to be fixed and what won't. My left foot is slightly bigger than my right so it is super crunched in the 22 like I could see it getting numb if I left it on more than the 5 minutes that I did. In the 23 I do feel the seam of the liner with the ID liners. In the regular Lotus plush liner, I don't feel the boot at the end of my toe quite as much.

If it helps, I measured 23.5 on the left foot and 23 on the right foot on the Brannock (maybe not an actual Brannock brand, I don't know, maybe they are all Brannocks) sitting down so my foot didn't spread out.

I will also look in the other forums to see about how toes should feel.
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what is the shell fit like on the boot?
10-15mm = good for most folks.

you can always make a small boot bigger, but not a big boot smaller

odds are you need the 22.
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Note too that you could have the shop guys mold the Intuition liner for you using the normal toe caps, then make your judgement. The premolded liners may not reflect the internal shape of the shell very well or your foot.

As mntlion said above, check the shell fit! This model boot does have a bit more room at the toe as per Glenn Plakes design specs than other comparable sized boots, at least that is what he told me.
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Bud, that's exactly what was suggested to me in the shop today and exactly what we did. I don't know if anyone actually wants to read all this stuff, but today it was great to really sit down with our expert boot guy who was really great and had all the patience, understanding, and will to let me really compare stuff and try on the 22 Storm and the 23 Lotus in all different configurements.

Just trying on the liners, the 23 seemed floppy around my foot even though I hit my toe for length and with the 22 I had contact all around it seemed. We did a shell fit and determined that my right foot fit better in the 22 even though the 22 was a little close for the left foot. What complicates things is that we were comparing an 06/07 22 with an 07/08 23 (longer toe in the 07/08s).

We thought that I would probably be best with an 07/08 22 but we didn't have any in the shop and our rep is all sold out. So, all in all, we are going with an 06/07 22 Storm and are going to blow out the toe and a little around the pinky toe to essentially make it like this year's 22?? Hopefully this sounds right and doable to you guys.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far if you made it. And thank you for all of your advice to a total stranger. I think it's awesome and really valuable that you guys are giving of yourselves and your knowledge in this venue for people who aren't lucky enough to have good access to experienced boot guys or those of us who need some reassurance because we just plain worry too darn much!
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Cool, good luck!

note: be sure to have them grind out more room at the end of your big toe if you need more room rather than stretching that area as any bulge in that area may affect binding release!!
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wow and all this done with no one asking for nekkid pics too.

we are getting soft on this site
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So...after working on the boots for probably a total of 8 hours, it's been determined that the truly perfect fit is between a 22 and 23 for me...or something!!! I kind of don't get how I could be in between the size of what could be done to make a 22 bigger and a 23. There isn't that much difference in them in the first place, right?

I don't know how I feel about all of this except that it has completely stressed me out about the whole boot buying process. But I am now looking for a Krypton in a 23 (I posted on the ski gear forum, not sure if that is the right place).

I've been told that there is not another boot out there that can stand up as much as a Krypton and I need to be in that position to be balanced. I don't know if I am convinced that they are the ONLY boots I can wear. Any thoughts or tips at this point? Can't you decrease the forward lean in other boots or really not to the point of a Krypton? I just want something that is comfortable and responsive and RIGHT.

Once again, thank you for the's been a crazy bootfitting week of many ups and downs...wild ride of thinking things will/won't work.
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