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Tuning table top material

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I am need of a new place to tune my skis as the workbench in the garage has been torn out and replaced with cabinetry. I would buy one, but cannot bring myself to spend $2-400 on a table. I am planning to build one with metal legs that can be folded, but do not know what to make the top out of. I think 3/4" plywood would make a great base, but would like some covering to put over it so it looks a little better in the garage. are there any materials that are smooth, but nonslip, heat resistant to 400* (in case I lay the iron on it the wrong way), fairly durable, easily cleaned, and will not cost over $75 for a 24"x48" sheet. I am thinking about a sheet of silicon, but am having trouble finding a sheet the size I want without getting killed with minimum order amounts. Are there any other materials that would work for this application? Any liquid surface products?
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You can buy a piece of 1'x4'x3/4" pine at a home improvement store for @ 12 bucks, the coat it with polyurathane, oil or water base. works swell.
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I can think of plenty, but the heat requirement is going to limit/kill the choices.

Why not just a piece of Formica and an iron holder?
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I think the heat requirement shouldn't be that important. Off the shelf tables from swix, toko, beast etc are all particle board with a formica type top.

I saw some nice recycled plastic sheets at the local BIG BOX HW STORE that could be used for a bench top. I think you would want to mount it on a frame though. I liked the idea of the material being completely recycled plastic as well as water/beer proof. You run more of a risk of your iron cord knocking over a microbrew bottle than that of your iron laying on the surface long enough to cause a problem.
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StableMate foldable saw horses are pretty sturdy and drilling a couple holes in the top allows for easy installation of sheet materials with carriage bolts. I've been using 3/4" x 16" x 48" oak plywood with a polyurethane finish with good results. I think a plastic sheeting, either on top or if you can find something thick and stiff enough would be a little easier for cleaning, but not a huge issue. Sheet metal on top is another option, but unnecessary IMO. Bolting vises or using T-tracks are also options to consider. A painted door slab is also a good option.

Other advantages are that in the off season these are great portable work surfaces, for a variety of things. Make two while two are at it.
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I am doing the same thing.

I bought
folding table legs $19.00
36" W X 48" long X 3/4" thick Covered with Malimine on both sides. $20.00

I haven't used it yet but I assume the wax will scrape right off and any metal shavings can be swept off no problem.
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I bought Phenolic Faced Plywood from the local Woodcraft store to make my bench.


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