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generic lifter plates?

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I'm looking for some generic lifter/risers (doenst need to be a full plate) that I can drill through. Say 10-15mm of lift. Any ideas, homebrew plates are also an option, but I dont know what material to use. Anybody got any leads? Thanks!
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vist makes a bunch of different ones
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kitchen cutting boards.

I cut them to match my solly's back in the day and drilled through them. I even competed BM on that set up.
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I have a pair of EPB Powerbooster plates new in the box with all the hardware. It's yours for $10 to cover the shipping. Some shops have the mounting jigs for them. An experienced tech can free-mount them easily. These were samples, so it's no loss for me. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
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A second for samurai's suggestion: check out your local hardware store for a domestic cutting / chopping board. They are 10 or 12mm thick, made of HDPE and are often available in a selection of colours for cutting different things - meat, fish, veg etc.

Ideal and cheap!
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excellent, thanks for the tips
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Check the yellow pages in your area for plastics suppliers. The material you want is Delryn, it's easily cut using standard woodworking tools. You can shape it with a router or shaper, plane it for thickness, and such.

If you are lacking the woodworking tools, check your local vo-tech or high school- alot of them have woodworking programs and students can earn "extra credit" doing a project with your supplied materials and directions.
Just be prepared for mistakes and buy some extra material.
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