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Recommend me a twin tip.

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Hi guys. I wonder if any of you can offer any help. I have about 4 weeks skiing under my belt, mostly on piste. I have the ability to pick things up pretty quickly and was confident on fresh reds and blacks within a few days. I don't how to class my ability but would most likely say advanced intermediate?

Anyway I am 24, 6'3" and weigh 180lbs. I am looking into hiring some twin tips to try out for my week in mid-january. Most of my skiing had been done on piste as I said above, although I did enjoy the odd foray onto the side of the piste. I would like to explore this further whilst being able to maintain a fast yet un-aggressive nature on the pistes.

Ideally it will be 75% piste and 25% off-piste with maybe a couple of experiments in the park (initially). I'm not interested in a debate as to my necessity for twin-tips, because I already know these are the skis I want to potentially purchase if things work out.

I have been doing a bit of research and from what I can tell I'm either looking at a K2 PE, Scott Punisher or the old Volkl Karma? Which of these do you guys feel would suit my stats, current requirements, and ambitions the best. Also what length. I must say I feel more confident on a shorter ski (relative to my height) as I find it easier into turns but any thoughts on this? I'm leaning more towards the Scott Punisher as they are supposed to be pretty sweet on the groomers. Also any other suggestions would be awesome.

I am not going to jump into the purchase of skis for a while yet as Im gonna spend my cash on getting some decent boots fitted this year, but would like to hire a good twin tip to enjoy myself on.

Thanks for your help people.
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Three really good choices. I don't think you would go wrng with any of the three.

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I own some 177 Karmas and I love them. Strong suited for piste but rip crud and bumps. I'm more a 50/50 skier and they work perfect for me. All three of the skis you listed are similar and all should preform greatly. Have fun
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I also have the Karmas in 177 - great all mountain ski and lots of fun on the groomers. The PE is well suited to what you have described, although I have not skied those for several years. The 177 Karma skis short, but since you have indicated a preference for that, it might be ok. Remember that twins ski shorted than the indicated length due to the rise of the tail.

Not on your list, but I like the Dynastar Big Trouble as well (wider, more off piste oriented). The Troublemaker is a narrower version of a similar design. Worth a try if you get a chance to rent them. Your plan to get boots fitted properly before taking the plunge on skis is wise.
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PE's are great. Have you considered the 184 Mantra? It will probably be a more versatile ski as you improve and hit the powder more often.
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PEs and Karmas are great; you might be more likely to find a deal on leftover PEs. They stopped making Karmas and they were hard to find at the end of last season. PEs were in fairly good supply with some great deals around. I have owned both skis, and like them both. I think the PEs are a tad more versatile, while the Karmas are a bit stronger on piste (both are great off-piste).
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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
PE's are great. Have you considered the 184 Mantra? It will probably be a more versatile ski as you improve and hit the powder more often.
Mantra is not a twin tip.

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The skis you list are more all mountain twins than park skis. Also I wouldn't mount them center if you are on piste that much and so little time in the park.
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Thanks for all your advice guys. Just a couple of things. Any more thoughts on the 07 - 08 Trouble Maker. Is it going to be stiff enough for the groomers considering my weight?

I think its going to be a decision between TM, PE, and Punishers as I don't think the Karmas will offer me a huge amount if I increase my time in the park (not that the others are ideal but Im hoping slightly better!). Given my current/future skiing patterns where would you suggest I mount? I really need to be rational and say i need mainly an on-piste biased at the moment. Thanks for the help.
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I cannot vouch for the TM as I have not skied them, but I am 180 lbs and have had no problems with the stiffness of the BT (it is flexible in the tips but quite stiff under foot). I imagine that the TM is the same as it is the same construction but with different dimensions.
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Thought about the Rossi Scratch? It's a great ski and can be had as cheaply as the PE.
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I ski with 2 guys that love the Trouble Makers and they go 210 and 220. They ski 175's.
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Seth, P.E. , Reno Jib, Ar6, ARV, Anthem, Chronic, Chronic wide, and various Volkls are what I can think of off the top of my head. Some of those might be not quite stiff enough but they would definitely be fun for jibbing and buttering.
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For your height, weight, and skill level, the Dynastar Troublemaker should work well for you. It's a great all-mountain ski, and very forgiving, too. I'm 6 foot, 175 lb, and I ski the 175 cm. The 78mm waist helps when carving on the groomed, but don't expect a lot of energy coming out of the turn as it is fairly soft. The TM is nimble enough for off-piste venturing into the steeps and trees, but it doesn't have much float in powder due to the narrow waist. Looking forward to my third season on my TM's.
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I just mounted up some Elan M02.2 Double Rails tonight. I'll post a review when I get to ride 'em, but they feel softer than my Scratch's.
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Two that I like:
I have the 188's and they rock. Like rails on the front side due to their stiffness and sidecut. The ratios stay the same when you drop down in the length so the 179's are 94 under foot with the 171's somewhere in the 80's. I love these skis as my everyday ski. They're from a great independent company in Aspen, CO - let's hear it for supporting the little guy.

http://www.getboards.com/snow/twinti...06/msp170.html - great price on those since they are '06 models. Not sure if a 170 is long enough for you. These aren't as turny as the High Societies but were a close second when I had to make a choice.

Both of these may be a bit wide for you depending on where you ski.
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