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Lange Boots?

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I am an expert skier, probably a level 8. I have been told that my foot would most likely fit into a lange boot the best, but I am not sure which model(s) I should look for. I am 5'9" 150 lbs, 19 years old, I ski primarily off piste when I can, no park or racing. What models should I look for? Thanks!
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Well orange is cool this year.....

hard to say without a measurement of your foot. or at least a A,B,C, etc width.

the HP fit is 98mm in a 26 and the WC fit is a 96mm in a size 26.
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No way....white is defintely cooler.

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My foot measures out to a 26.5, so thats what I have gone with for my last 2 pairs of boots, my street shoe size is a US 9. After reading other posts, it sounds like I should be in a little smaller boot size, maybe a 26? My foot is a C width, so just a little narrower than normal.
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HP fit should be fine for you

this is the lange 130FR, 110FR, and 110 W FR (and maybe a few others)

you want a 10-15mm shell fit, this might be a lange 7 or 300mm? boot sole length
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