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Numb toes, circulation issue...

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HI folks,

I'm trying to narrow down what's going on with my boot fit. Nordica Beast 10. My toes regularly go numb. Last year I just sucked it up and unbuckled the boots on the lift. Bud worked on them at ESA Tahoe (widened the toe box), which seemed to solved that problem that day (one of my last ski days last season).

In wearing the boots around the house now, preseason, I'm discovering a few things. With boots entirely unbuckled, they feel pretty good. The balls of both feet gets hot, but not unbearable, and after about 30 minutes things haven't progressed beyond that.

Then I buckled the two toe buckles only, as loose as possible (twisted loose and buckled on first latch). Things remain good for about 30 minutes or so. It is just slightly snugger than unbuckled, and I can wear them for a while with no adverse effects.

When I buckle the two top buckles as loose as possible, however, the toes go numb after about 15 minutes, with no booster strap employed. The buckles don't "feel" overly tight to me, but it does take a fair bit more effort to latch them than it does to latch the toe buckles. Yet, I can latch them a couple more notches without resorting to a prybar if I want to.

To my brain, it appears that the tightness around the calf may be part of the culprit in cutting off circulation to my toes. Can someone with more knowledge of anatomy tell me if that's a reasonable explanation? And if so, how might I expect my local bootfitter to be able to fix it. Latch extender of some kind?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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sounds like you could be right, if you are trapping a nerve at the back of the ankle or at the calf when the boot is clipped this would send the foot numb pretty quicky, time for a visit to your local friendly bootfitter
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Thanks, CEM, for the response.

I stopped by my local bootfitter today (World Cup in Anchorage run by Mark Berger; a sister store to the one in Girdwood). Mark admitted not knowing much about anatomy or causes of pinched nerves or impinged circulation, but just "stretched parts of the boot where the foot hurts." I don't say that to be negative in any way, as he did claim he noticed an immediate problem with my setup when he first looked at it...

I have custom Superfeet cork footbeds done by the Girdwood store (World Cup). Mark noticed that these footbeds were rounded up all around the front in the boot liner. He said the footbed should be flat at the bottom of the liner, and suggested that this rounding would cramp the ball of my feet, perhaps resulting in poor circulation to the toes. The balls of my feet do get "hot" first, and then the toes and forefoot go numb... When Bud Heishman stretched the toebox a bit last spring it helped, but this fall I'm noticing the problem again...

Mark's going to modify the footbeds a bit and we'll see if that helps. He also sells Intuition liners for $190, and I'm tempted to give 'em a shot. I really want to have happy feet this year!

So -- just how "comfortable" should I expect to be in a ski boot? Is perfect comfort ever really achievable? Would I notice a difference in comfort with the Intuition liners?

Thanks for the insights.

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