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Buying new boots

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I'm not sure what to do. I tried on 8 or 10 boots today, and while I found one that I really liked (Tecnica Diablo Flame UltraFit) I couldn't nail down the size.

The 28.5 fit well through the middle of the foot and ankle, but the toes were really snug. The 29.5 felt sloppy on my mid foot, but the toes were great. Is there a "right" choice to make given this? both of the shops I went to said I was a tweener in size, and left me unsure about any decisions.

Also, would I be better off to buy the boot from the shop, and go to one of the Barking Bear recommended boot fitters (Jim Mates @ Custom Boot Service) or just buy it from the shop and buy their "guaranteed" boot fit program? I don't want to assume that a person that only does boot service will be better than someone at a shop...


Here are the shells I tried: Nordica Beast (huge), tecnica M8/M10 (uncomfortable), Nordica Speedmachine 8/10 (didn't like the ankle fit, or toes) and a Dalbello Proton P 10 (good, but didn't have my size).
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Size: go smaller.
you can make a boot bigger, but not smaller

who: well this forum has helped a bit? support them and buy your boots from a bear ..... Or at least see if a "recommended" store has them or can get them in for you
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Well the fitter here in seattle doesn't sell boots. So where do I get them locally from a recommended shop?
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sorry: assumed that the fitter was a seller too.

no one in your area is on "the list"

maybe call the fitter and ask them who to buy from?
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Could I ask what size shoe you measure
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Make sure you have the boot fitter (not just a sales person) do a shell sizing with the liner out of the boot.

Assuming that the smaller shell does have enough room for your foot, use a footbed to support the foot - you did not mention if you tried the boots on with a good footbed.

Also, a fitter can stretch the length of the toe box of the liner to better match the length of the shell.

Good luck, these are just a few ideas to start...
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For the record, I generally wear a 12 shoe.

I had my first appointment today with the Bear recommended fitter here in seattle, and I have to say so far it's been great. First things first, he told me not to spend any money on new boots until we've done the balance and fitting in my current boots. I should have my new insoles Tuesday, and I'm going skiing Wednesday, so this is good news.

Secondly, I was very impressed by how he was thorough and patient with me, doing lots of test with different foam widths and angles before we agreed on where I was bad previously, and how we can improve my posture pretty easily.

I'll post again after my day skiing to share how it went.
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