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I was pretty excited and it was better than expected. Not much was open but hardly any crowds accept for a lot ot boarders on a few trails. I have never seen the place so deserted. I started out on the beginner trail which I had pretty much to myself. It is always weird on the first day getting used to it again. I was experimenting with the wedge shims under my toe in the boot that Mr Hieshman reccomended and I was pleased with the results. I also tried out the new RX6. I spent the afternoon on the blue trails in the center but it was a little nasty. All the snow guns were blowing and would stop you in your tracks at spots. Some sections were very icey and had those manmade mounds of snow all over with those pimples of rock hard ice sticking up all over the trails. The well travelled sections were nice though as it was smoothed out. It is supposed to snow a lot this week so hopefully they open up more.Holiday Valley opens this week as well.