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November 30th was my first day of skiing, Whistler had a good dump of snow a couple of days before and with 0F temps on top and 13F in the Village (unusually cold for Whistler, and too cold for the Leftcoast kid!) the snow seemed to be holding.
The mountain was blissfully empty, I do not think I waited more than one chair at anytime. Peak was not running, nor was Symphony, downloading was in effect from midstation though was going to change on December 1st.
Given the potential rocky conditions I took a pair of "classic" (i.e. 10 y.o.) Snowrangers not a bad choice all things considered.
Mid Mountain was surprisingly good, here is Jimmy's Joker looking SW. Jimmy's was not it's usual skied out, iced up self but rather had nice soft moguls, and a creek bed that needed to be crossed midway!
Harmony was quite tasty, and lift lines were short…this pic was shot around 11:30Am
One of my favorite runs is Sun Bowl…though a few bits of shale were seen all things considered it was quite skiable. I really wanted to have a go at Robertson's, however it looked very iffy.
Later I poisoned myself at the Roundhouse (yes that is alcoholic berry cider, one of my many weaknesses!) As an aside the fish made it's self known around 5:30 in the afternoon, my plans for a dozen oysters (with apologies to Bklyn Tracy) and a split of Shampoo at the Barefoot Bistro were thwarted!
All things considered a great way to start the season!

PS, I hit Blackcomb this morning…it was terrible. Not only was it 3F, the wind had come up and light snow was falling, yesterday was a dry cold, this morning a damp cold. More to the point the snow quality was terrible, the grooming terrible and the place was full of (gasp!) Boarders:!

We are supposed to get a fair dump tonight and tomorrow, we'll see what that brings.