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mntlions sale

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soft goods:

Lange girl posters $30
this years girl (yes it looks like she is taking a space aged dump)

Patagonia Nitro gloves (think warmer Primo), $60

removable waterproof liner, leather? palm, liner snaps into the shell, warm as hell, just they are a backup for the back up pair, and after almost 5 seasons I have not worn out pair #1, so #3 goes (yes I'm a gear Hoar)

patagonia Orange soft shell, a very large fitting small. (relaxed fit?)
few less features, but still removable hood, powder skirt, one inside pocket, 2 hand pockets, one outside pocket that has an antenna opening for a radio, forearm pocket , season pass loop, $100

Spyder down jacket, shinny, but not as bad as the photo looks. mens medium, big in the body, short in the arms, very packable as well. $60

North face, synthetic puffy $60
medium, blue is more like the second pic, reversible zipper, and arm snaps, to zip into other jackets. Not as compressible as down, packs a bit bigger then the others.

Hard goods:

salomon S900S, DIN 4-11, any brake width avail, and avail with or without the lifters, $65

Tyrolia DR9, DIN 4-14, skinny brakes, $65

alomon brakes:

the first ones are wide on my spats, (135mm) so call em 140mm.
and the second ones are about 110mm

both are from a assm brakes and all the arms switched around, so they are used, and can still be bent fatter.
$30 for the whole brake
$25 for just arms

All the above prices INCLUDE shipping too.


left to right:
190cm atomic powder cruise, some small delams on the edge to cap, fixed, but might last a few runs, or a few years. (130/105/120) Toe drilled twice, heel once, 315/330mm? $100 ski only, $150 with salomon 957, all metal, 7-14 DIN, fat brakes.

186 volant spatulas, $300 ski only, drilled once, under 10 days, I don't work for a heli ski company so can't have that much overlap in the quiver.

173 atomic sugar daddy, $250 with binding, Yes that is a salomon mounted to the ski, without a plate, works great: lighter, adjustable, NOT atomic bindings, etc. I have 3 pairs, 2 like this, one "stock" with 6-14 DIN atomics, mounted to the plate. (119/99/111 = 25m turn radius)

160 or 150 atomic sugar daddy, $250/$200, drilled once, light, soft tip etc. (119/99/111 = 25m turn radius) same ski as the tele daddy, This is the newer version of the 173 above.

150 powderplus, Great wife/kids fat ski, $100 with bindings (125/110/115)

170 or 180 atomic helistar, $200, This is a stiff fat ski (135/115/125 = 41m turn radius). great deal for a fat ski.

Volkls: this is just a few pairs to show examples of what I have. All vintages are the same dimensions, some different tip shapes, etc, but same wood core, stiff flex, etc. I have 20+ pairs, so if you want an older, more used, cheaper, 190, ask me. Prices are based on condition and vintage, ya get what ya pay for. I also have some singles for $100. again ask.

173cm, 3 years old, $300. maybe used 20-40 days?

180cm, 7 years old, $250, used 100+ days

190cm, last years, $400, used a day? like new

For skis the price is + shipping, this costs me $40ish ski only.

All skis are priced as ski only, (drilled once for salomon demos) If you want the bindings that they are drilled for, and the fat brakes, add $50 for bindings and shipping

payment: paypal is great to
or cash in banff is great too, free lange girls for cash/pickup.

All skis are just tuned, so ready to slide, just screw in the bindings and go.
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PM sent.
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