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tracking storms

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Here's a handy website a pilot showed me last night for getting instant radar and weather conditions. I put in the Sandy, ut. zip code on this link. We've been watching the big southern storm that's hitting Utah and Colorado. There's another one coming down from the Northwest for early next week. We've gotten six to eight inches yesterday and today so far at the base in Park City so the totals at the higher elevations will be more. Click on the U.S.maps and you'll see that the midwest is getting clobbered.
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And for the actual national radar feed that intellicast gets its info from go to

You can then click on the region you're interested in and it will take you to the local NWS website for that area.
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brilliant doogiedoc! We can all be meteorologist with that link.
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Nice, Doggiedoc. I wasn't sure this would keep up for day three like they were saying, but it looks like it. I started about dusk Thursday and hasn't let up- from light to nuking, it's been steady.
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