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Just thought you all might want to know tha twe have a pretty sick contest on our site right now. We're giving away a Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Ralley car, a ski vacation to Jackson Hole, and a week of heli-skiing in Cordova, Alaska with Points North Heli Adventures.

Sign up.

Owens Never Sleeps http://www.tetongravity.com
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No fair - what about the Canucks.....

Good luck to all who enter.
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While filling out the contest form, under the drop-down "state" section, I noticed that there are 49 states represented, but no New York. Thanks for reinforcing our persecution complex.
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Hey no fair!!!!! I mean, if i win, i don't think it would be THAT expensive to make me a lancer with RHS steering wheel set up and then ship it to me

Great site by the way! I d/l the Quicktime demo of one of your vids and it was great! Come tour Australia some time [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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