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North Face Flask hydration pack – brief review.

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I finally had the opportunity to use the North Face Flask hydration system with battery heated hose. I have the smaller of the two North Face packs with the heated hose. The pack is on the smallish side, which works well for skiing lifts. The strap of the pack has a zippered mouthpiece pocket into which the hose and mouthpiece can be stored while in use. This keeps the hose from flopping around and also keeps the mouthpiece from freezing – at least to -12c – I haven’t skied in colder weather with the full system. There were no issues with the pack flopping around while skiing bumps and the pack was not bothersome while on lifts. The system uses four AA batteries and the hose has a LED that blinks to indicate that the system is on. I have resort skied with and without the pack this year, and I definitely like skiing with the pack better. For me, there was a noticeable and positive difference in my hydration at the end of the days when I used the hydration pack. The best thing about this pack is the heated hose. While skiing at Sunshine at about -10c to -12c the hose and mouth piece did not freeze even after skiing all day.

I also used the system without the pack while backcountry skiing today in -21c (-6 f) temperature. I put the bladder and battery case into my larger backcountry pack and left the hose dangle. With this set-up, the mouthpiece froze, but the hose did not. (It was a cold day.) The frozen mouthpiece was easy to unfreeze by holding it in my mouth for a half minute. Frozen hoses are near to impossible to unfreeze in the field, so this is an improvement.
Overall, I think this is a good system. I do not have enough information to comment on durability other than it appears to be well built. TNF needs to consider doing a larger pack with this type of unit for BC travel as the mouthpiece pocket is helpful for preventing freeze-up.
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Nice write-up. I was thinking of picking one of these up myself. Thanks.
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thanks for the review. I couldn't figure out from the website, but how is all this connected together? Is it bladder + heated hose + the rest of the pack? I'm curious how easy it is to put the bladder and associated heating equipment into another pack. I'm a bag nut and neither of the north face packs (flask / snowday) appeal to me that much. The heated hydration system on the other hand, looks awesome.

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