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Killington has 1100 acres? Typo?

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Someone mentioned in a thread below that Killington has 34 lifts and 1100 acres. There's no way an area with 35 lifts has that few skiable acres! I've never skied the place but looking at what I consider a VERY SMALL ski area, Sugar Bowl has, what 8 lifts and 1500 acres?

Also, isn't Killington over 3000 vertical feet? Most small areas that I've seen with under 1500 vertical have well over 1100 acres.

Could it be that the areas measure acreage differently? Maybe the "trails in the trees" layout (like I've heard Killington has) makes for fewer reported skiable acres?

Could Western resorts measure total acres within ski area boundries while Killington is only reported what's actually considered a trail?

I really thought Killington was much bigger than anything but the biggest ski areas out West and certainly wouldn't expect it to be smaller than the smallest ones.

EDITED: Two things: I went to the killington website and yes, they only have 1182 acres. That still doesn't match up to the number of lifts and vertical drop. How do you fit 34 lifts worth of people on 1100 acres?

Second: I re-read this and it really sounds like an East vs. West troll. It's not. I was just shocked at the disparity between vertical drop and acreage when compared to Western areas I know better. Sorry if anyone was insulted...not my intent.

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Yes - it is reality. Ski areas out here have the lifts very closely together. Out west the same # of lifts covers more ground. At some areas in Europe they just put a lift to the top of each mountain - resulting in a tremendous lift to terrain ratio. This is why with only 6x the # of lifts, Trois Valles has 20-30x the acerage of Vail.

There is a resort in France called La Grave that has only one lift . . . and that lift serves more terrain than most large U.S. ski areas have.
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Im gonna say that 1100 acres is actually quite generous. I think Killington also gets like 400 inches of snow per year. Killington tends to exaggerate their stats a bit- 200 trails- come on. If you look at their trail map- many of their lifts are clustered very close to each other. Also, that number includes nearby Pico mountain.
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Yeah - I'll bet that Killington does the same thing that some other mountains do. If they call the top part of a run "Upper XXX" and the bottom "Lower XXX" then they count them as two runs, sometimes they'll break up one run into three parts! :
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Kevin, Eastern areas typically only count the actually trail acerage, not how much property the own or lease. This is due to the thick forests in the East make much of the terrain unskiable. The Western resorts, with their large open bowls, tend to report a figure closer to their total size. I can't remember the exact figure, but the total size of Killington that is leased from the state of Vermont is many thousands of acres.
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